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Once again Sony update the a6300 to the a6500 and still NO HEADPHONE socket. Why are Sony missing the plot as this would have been an excellent Vloggers camera with a headphone socket.

It also sports the multi interface shoe capable of using the Sony XLR-2KM sound unit ?

The camera gains 5-axis image stabilization which continues to work in both stills and video. The system is rated as offering 5 stops of stabilization, by CIPA standard testing.

When used in conjunction with stabilized ‘OSS’ lenses, the in-lens stabilization takes over correction of the axes that is can stabilize, though Sony makes no claims for this adding to the degree of stabilization offered.


Detailed specs of the Sony Alpha A6500

  • 24.2MP APS-C sensor (1.5x crop factor).
  • E-mount
  • 5-axis in-camera stabilization (compatible with E-mount and A-mount lenses with A mount adapter).
  • 4K up to 25p at 100Mbps
  • HD up to 120fps at 100Mbps
  • 425-point auto focusing
  • Slow & Quick frame rate control.
  • 4K and HD photo pull from video clips.
  • Touchscreen controls
  • 0.05 second auto focus speed
  • High density focus tracking
  • New buffer for faster continuous photo bursts and quicker image playback.
  • ISO range from 100-25600 (up to 51200 expanded).
  • No headphone out.
  • Menu redesign with grouped features.

Full HD and 4K 25p same as the a6300 and good in low light.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

3 thoughts on “NEW Sony a6500 with NO headphone socket…AGAIN !

  1. Maybe its aimed at the kids, the VLOGGERS, they never use headphones. Look up Casey Neistat, Roman Atwood etc. VLOGGING where the smart money is in the 21st century, they actually use the simplest kit and produce the most interesting content from it. Check out their VLOGGING revenues too, scary, these kids are savvy business men.

    HDW : Good point but its still no excuse for Sony to not provide a headphone socket like Panasonic did on the FZ2000.

  2. Panasonic included a headphone socket on the DMC-FZ2000/25000 bridge cameras, just like Sony did on the DSC-RX10 II and III. However, just like on the Sony a6500, Panasonic did not include a headphone socket on the new DMC-G85. So they are basically copying each other.

  3. Anyway it is a super machine! I’ve got the a6000, and was waiting for the image stabilization. And 4K for being a little bit modern, too. Not that I need that… the a6000 produces very pleasant clips already. As HDW mentions, the FZ2000 might have headphone socket… but its 4K wide-angle at best some 37mm (eqv. correct if I am wrong) makes it to a show-stopper. That’s really a shame for an otherwise superb configuration.

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