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bve 2

Day 2 and the place was heaving, proving that people still want to touch and feel equipment before they make up their minds to purchase.

prod gear

The boys at Production Gear were having a ball, taking good orders from some big significant clients.


My camera accessory of BVE 2016 must be the new camera light from Ledgo the E116C, at £60 it’s a no brainer. Unlike conventional LED lights there are no piercing focusing bright lights it’s just a constant soft glow.


Sam Thornley from distributers Holdan told me Alan Roberts gave the light a very commendable TLCI of 82. Anything above 80 is excellent. I used the light for my interviews on day one. Its also bi-colour ranging from 3200 to 5600. The best news is its weight 230g and takes a range of batteries from Sony L to Panasonic.


The URSA mini 4.6K was on show for the first time and Richard Payne from Holdan was only too delighted to tell us all about the new camera.

phil bloom

(Photograph by Arnie Bloom)

Philip Bloom was at BVE doing a range of presentations and brought his mum and dad with him who are a delightful couple.

phil mum

bloom 80

Interestingly Philip had a Sony A7s Mk11 with one of the new cracking 85mm f1.4 Master G lenses, a must for all FS7 and FS5 users.

easy girl




BVE 2016 was a great show, people were there to buy all sorts of kit from LED lighting to cameras. Sony were the only manufacturer with no stand which was a very poor decision in my opinion. BVE is the only UK video show worth turning up to and if you can’t be bothered exhibiting then what message does that send out to your customers.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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  1. Hi Philip,
    Sorry I missed you at the show…I did see you but as always I think you were with someone! It was a great show and I really enjoyed seeing my old friends and colleagues and meeting new contacts! I think the show management did a fantastic job!! See you all soon!

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