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Sony’s XQD-M series provides users ultra-high data transfer speeds of up to 440MB/s (read) and 150MB/s (write) for stable burst shooting, and the ability to backup 64GB of data in approximately 3 minutes, when using Sony’s newest card reader technology. The XQD format’s unique and robust structure, featuring card thickness and pin protection, and a tough, reinforced outer case is made for reliable use.

As you can see Lexar already have this card so whats “new” about Sonys announcement ? A 256 GB XQD would be new, we already have 400MB/s Sony G cards so whats so special about this card unless its the price. The Lexar 128 GB card is £300 while the Sony card is £114 dearer.

Sony Warning

On top of this Sony have produced this advanced warning telling us that this card will need v3.1 software to work with our FS7 or a Z100…which probably means the Lexar won’t work till we get the updated firmware. Why would you need this card when the “G” series does everything on an FS7 ? My thanks to Rose Jennings for this one.

If anyone can shed light on this Sony announcement please let me know.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

4 thoughts on “Sony announce a “new” XQD card at CES ?

  1. Im not so interested in a faster XQD card but a cheaper price. The G series costs over $900 CDN for the 128 GB. I have a PXW-Z100 4K camera. Great camera but the cards are way overpriced.


  2. Hi Philip, I found this new XDQ card is not compatible
    with FS7 until May 2016 firmware update see here
    This review on B & H found the Lexar x2933 is not compatible with the FS7 see here
    The review for the Lexar x1400 (which replaces the x1333) says it works with FS7 (I found other reviews agree with this) but Lexar website says both new cards are not compatible see here and here
    You will also need to use Lexar XQD card reader. The new Lexar x2933 card seems to be made for Nikon cameras.

  3. I do not understand why the cards made with the same factory standards need FW update on devices. What is the logic?

  4. I recently discovered Sony has released an firmware update for the PXW-FS7 camera. (March 2016) Version 3.1 now makes the camera compatibility with Sony XQD M cards. These new cards are half the price of the G series but the write speed is half to 150 mbs. The new M series card is now Shock/X-ray/Magnetic/Temperature Proof.
    B&H photo is selling the Sony 128gb G series at half price.

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