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Manfrotto LED light title

A new range of smaller LED lights from Manfrotto with a power output of 1500lux@1m the Bi-colour is slightly less powerful than the daylight only model at 1600lux@1m. I love the size and design allowing you to hold the light plus the ability to use Sony “L” type Lion batteries as well as the supplied mains adapter. Mounting is via a tripod mount both top and bottom, very useful.

Light back

Manfrotto… “Manfrotto LED lights excel in reliability and light quality and stand out from standard LED panels thanks to their slim and elegant design. Due to its excellent colour rendition, the Manfrotto LED fixture enables high fidelity colour reproduction and always ensures subjects’ skin tones are truly lifelike. These devices are carefully designed paying close attention to reliability and consistent flicker-free functionality. They also give you the possibility to explore and experiment with new lighting solutions and produce new creative effects. With Manfrotto LED lights, you can easily bring your images to life by adding a catch-light in the subject’s eyes or by filling-in undesired shadows. Continuous lighting makes it possible for you to see the actual end result you will be getting, in real-time.
Manfrotto LED Lights are lightweight, compact, easy to use and reliable, in other words, they’re perfect portable lighting systems. Their exceptional versatility makes them one of the most essential tools in every photographer or videographer’s equipment line up. They can be used not only on cameras, but also in combination with many other supports in the Manfrotto product range.”

Soft box

You can get an optional soft box which is very useful and an optional Bluetooth dongle allows the panels to be controlled individually or in groups via a Smartphone app that has a memory function to recall light levels and temperature. The app is also compatible with Litepanel’s Astra models, so both types can be controlled from one app simultaneously.

Pricing is as follows…The daylight only version is £300 while the Bi-colour is £100 extra.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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