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Me Sony FS7 title

Finally our Sony PXW-FS5 has arrived, this will compliment our FS7 and bring a lot of benefits.

Why would you want an FS5 if you already have an FS7 ? A second camera for a start, the FS5 produces full HD 50p, 10bit 422 footage in L-GOP mode which is a major plus for this camera.

Another plus point is SDXC cards, XQD cards are far too expensive and Sony’s decision to move over to SD cards was genius.

Size is also a major consideration as the FS7 is a bruit to use in run and gun mode, its the cameras petitness that finally clinched it for me.


Once again my thanks to John Preston for supplying us the Sony PXW-FS5, John tells us that although stock is limited it’s no way near as bad as the FS7 was initially…so get ordering.

Having a further play tonight and noticed centre scan, this is using the 4K chip and effectively giving you a 2x electronic extender with the added bonus of no light loss and no artefacts.

FS5 v9b

Assuming Glasgow gets a free day of rain I hope to do a comparison video between the FS5 and the FS7. Any questions as usual I will be happy to answer them.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

7 thoughts on “Sony PXW-FS5 arrives at Small Video Productions

    I understand there will be a firmware upgrade in the future that will provide RAW recording.
    Personally, I’m not really high on recording RAW for the kind of video I shoot its just overkill.

    Since i own a Shogun my big question regarding the upgrade is as follows: The Shogun, to date, does not record RAW–but I understand it may in the future. Never the less, after the RAW update is it possible the FS5 will enable the Shogun to record 10 bit 4k in lieu of recording RAW???
    Enquiring minds want to know.

    HDW : Since Sony decided to let a few of the lads go (redundancy) I don’t know anyone who could answer this for you… as yet.

    I understand the FS5 does not have any internal stabilization–which seems absurd to me, seeing as it is being billed as a hand held camera and run and gun.

    Sony has wonderful stabilization in so many lower priced cameras, including the wonderful 5 axis/3 axis stabilization of the Sony a7ii. Can you get any inside info on Sony’s willingness to include internal stabilization in a future update?

    That strikes me as essential for run and gun.

    HDW : It relies on your lens, the 18-105 f4 that ships with the camera has IS. The other thing it comes with is centre scan, very useful indeed.

  3. Looking forward to the info you will provide about the FS5, especially the OLED EVF.

  4. Hi Phillip, two requests. Can you show 5 & 7 side by side with a ruler or similar, and could you comment on relative computer power required for long gop versus Intra? Many thanks. Bob.

  5. Hi Philip, I will expect another great review from yourself. I wonder can you make a comment on how the FS5 performs in low light compared to FS7. I know they they have the same sensor but I read the processor is different and the base ISO.
    I see the kit lens can be use in 4K because unlike the FS7 it has lens distortion correction software in the 4K mode, can you comment on this. Many thanks. Rose

  6. I’m really interested in this camera. I saw a review that indicated SLog3 is really tricky compared to using FS7 (see attached video). It had something to do with the 4:2:0 or with it being 8-bit . I too wish it had sensor based IS, does it have any built-in firmware based IS for when using primes? Is the supplied 18-105 f/4 lens any good? Can you rig it easily to work on your shoulder? How does it fair as a run and gun camera, or would you prefer a camera with built-in lens? Does SLog3 make a big difference? This video discusses in some detail:

  7. Looking at replacing EX1R with FS5 + 18-105 f/4 lens – wondering how does the higher sensitivity of the 35mm sensor compare to the f/1.9 lens on the 1/2″ sensors in the ex1r

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