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Sony Broadcast have sent me their new PXW-X180 camcorders to review, like the PXW-X70 it won’t be a full video review but I will make sure I get footage online ASAP.

This camera is a direct competitor for the Panasonic PX270 especially in Long GOP mode it will be interesting to see how Sony compares with the PX270.

If you have any questions about this camera send me your thoughts in the comments section of this post.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

12 thoughts on “Sony PXW-X180 Pre Review

  1. I’ve very interested in how the X180’s low light performance compares to the PX270.

    I’d also love a short sample file directly from the camera.

  2. Is that a new Sony wireless mic product on top of the X180?

    HDW : Yes it seems to come as part of the package. The PXW-X180 is equipped with a Multi Interface Shoe (MI Shoe) that has an electric interface in its mechanical attachment allowing the camcorder to communicate with an attached accessory. Accessories attached to the MI Shoe can be controlled by the camcorder. Using an MI Shoe connection, the audio signal from a UWP-D11 or UWP-D12 wireless microphone package can be input from the wireless microphone receiver to the PXW-X180 without an XLR cable. The power can be supplied from the PXW-X180 to the receiver and a battery is not required for the receiver operation. So, for example, if the HVL-LBPC video light is attached to the MI Shoe, video light power can be switched on and off from the camcorder.

  3. I own a PX270 and i record using the LongGop 50Mbps on Regular SDXC cards, can this Sony X180 do the same. Also does the battery last longer than the PX270

  4. Hi Philip,

    can’t wait to see your test on the PXW-X 180. I am very interested into the PXW-X 160, very similar camcorder also PXW X 70. It will be interseting to see how the PXW-X 70 compares to PXW-X 180/160.
    And I am excited about the test results between PXW-X 180 and AJ-PX 270.
    Best regards from Croatia

  5. According to the manual, the X180 can record every format except XAVC-I on SDXC.

    S&Q mode is not supported on SDXC.

    For simultaneous recording, only XAVC-L 25Mbps and AVCHD are supported on SDXC.

    HDW : Hi Mike, this is not as simple as it first looks, Sony are looking into this for me.

  6. I own two older Sony 1/3 chip cameras (FX1000 with Ninjas) I just wonder if the quality is better enough to warrant upgrading. I use mine primarily for recording live theatre, concerts and dance recitals.

  7. I just looked this up on bhphoto and it is a three I/3″ chip camera for twice the price of the X-70. Am I missing something?

  8. Yes. Much more (and easier) control, and a much better lens. For example, I shoot wildlife and the X70 is completely unusable due to the lack or telephoto.

  9. The X-70 has a couple of menu settings that give it a very good mid-range telephoto lens. Having much more sensor territory makes that possible.

  10. I’m looking at both this and the upcoming X200, and would be really interested to hear how much difference the sensor size will make. The two areas of difference I’m most interested in are low-light performance, and how far you can achieve a low-depth-of-field look in something like a sit-down interview. Thanks!

  11. Looking forward to the review. And hoping we will start to get some info / reviews about the 1/2 ” PXW-X200. HD Warrior a great website!

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