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Prompting is relatively cheap these days once you factor two iPads into the equation the mirror (Datavideo TP-300 see HOLDAN website for details)  is £245 plus vat. The TP-300 has a control switch which is dedicated to work with DV Prompter (Apple APP) but I have found this software very buggy and crashes unexpectedly. The newly updated iPad prompting software Teleprompt+3 brings this software firmly into pole position and has a lot of features not seen on DV Prompter.


You can use Dropbox to import your scripts or cut and paste an email. My setup is to run the software on an iPad mini while mirroring your text on the iPad which sits underneath a 45 degree mirror.


Choose coloured text and highlight important text with other colours, you get Estimated time…Actual time…Elapsed time and Remaining time along the top of the screen. If you are using a 45 degree mirror you can’t avoid mirroring your text this can be a pig to edit if you don’t use a second unit like an iPad mini or iPhone which keeps the text un-mirrored and also controls speed etc.


A new feature of Teleprompt +3 is the ability to quick edit so if you need to change a word or spelling mistake you are not forced back out of the prompting screen back to the editor. The previous version of Teleprompt was unreliable and a pig to sync up to your iPad mini or iPhone. My preference is to use an iPad mini for control and the iPad to prompt, the iPhone works well but it’s all down to screen size, especially in edit mode. Lastly but more importantly the scrolling of the text is very smooth and infinitely variable.

Telepronpt+3 is overall far more user-friendly and logical in the way it works than competitors software with the addition of the quick edit mode is miles ahead of the competition.

For £17 Teleprompt +3 is a scoop and one copy of the software allows you to run the software on various IOS devices. Available from the Apple APP Store.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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