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ITN has purchased a significant amount of Panasonic ENG cameras and broadcast equipment as part of its High Definition upgrade project. ITN, which produces news content for ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, has selected the new Panasonic AJ-PX5000 ENG P2 camera for its news gathering operations.

Keith Cass, ITN’s Director of Technology said, “The ability to capture full 10 bit HD 4:2:2 images using a 25Mbps codec was an extremely attractive proposition for us. We conducted a thorough evaluation of the camera’s operation, feature set and technical performance. With the addition of the camera’s wireless technology this camera was the most appropriate match to ITN’s future newsgathering strategy. The AJ-PX5000 really is a “cameraman’s camera.”


The AJ-PX5000 also offers ‘dual’ recording using P2, microP2 or class 10 SD cards, dramatically reducing media costs. The camera is global format in SD and HD and comes with a comprehensive range of Panasonic codecs including AVC Intra and the new AVC Long G (50/25/12/6Mbps) codec set.

“It’s a major coup to be supplying ITN and follows hot on the heels of the decision by Sunset+Vine to implement Panasonic Professional Broadcast Cameras in their sports production for BT Sport,” said Nigel Wilkes, Broadcast Group Manager at Panasonic. “Panasonic is growing market share by supplying the latest in professional, HD enabled camera solutions for sports and news broadcasting in the UK.”

HDW : “This is a great deal for Panasonic as most of the UK broadcast outlets have gone for the Sony PMW-500/400. Having seen the 25Mbps codec for myself I can see why ITN have plumbed for this camcorder.

The PX270 has the same codec and the pictures are cracking I recorded some footage with the PX270 but FCPX does not recognise the codec yet but I can see the 12MB file and looks very good indeed. The 60MB file which has 5x more information will be nothing short of amazing once I get a software key from Panasonic in order to view it.


Panasonic have been a bit slow on the uptake but as I have always said “Fit for purpose” the PX270 ticks a lot of boxes, especially the fact you can use SDHC cards up to 50Mbps full HD 10bit 422.”


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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