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Having bought a GoPro HERO 3 less than 6 months ago I had an occasion to put it to good use lately in a factory as you can see from the iPhone shot that the picture was stripy…faulty. I have sent it back and await my replacement…thats not the issue, buying into GoPro’s latest incarnation the GoPro HERO 3+ you get 4x the WiFi which is a major improvement over the last model.


The major improvement I was expecting to see was the addition of exposure lock and shutter speed.


As you can see the menu is very comprehensive but the internet is riddled with questions about lack of exposure lock. For a so called action camera I would have assumed exposure lock was a necessity .

I emailed their “support” about this topic with no reply to date. The GoPro system is second to none with accessories for all occasions but in my opinion its let down badly by lack of basic professional features like exposure lock and shutter speed.

I hope GoPro are working on a FW update to fix this sometime soon !

UPDATE : Thursday 20th February 2014 GoPro REPLY “Thanks for reaching out to us here at GoPro, and I understand why this would be helpful for many reasons. At the moment there isn’t any word of this changing in a new firmware update, but our engineers are always working to improve the cameras and hopefully we can get this into a new version! Plus, they don’t really tell us here in support too much about what’s in the works too far ahead of time. I will definitely pass the concern to our engineers to see if we can get something in place if it isn’t already, because I for one would like to see this as well.”


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

2 thoughts on “GoPro HERO 3+…”No exposure lock” UPDATED

  1. I agree that exposure lock should be available, but to my knowledge no action camera does have this feature. Well, there is one very special model where AEL was implemented: the heavily modified and rehoused GoPro Hero3 Black called “Novo” which is not for sale and can be rented only from two rental houses in the US and Germany – for $295 per day or $885 per week.
    GoPro and other manufacturers are well aware for quite a long time that customers keep requesting an exposure lock but till now all appeals went unheard.

    HDW : Just had a look at the NOVO which is a customisation…designed and painstakingly assembled by View Factor to accept “C” lenses. This explains the so called GoPro footage that I have seen that does not suffer from the iris closing down, shocking.

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