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After unpacking the Cineroid LED light I was shocked by it’s sheer size but this little LED light holds a big secret that could only be exploited in pure darkness.


When I ordered the light I also asked for the optional “V” lock battery pack (BH-LM400V) and the optional Yoke mount with 18mm spigot for mounting the light on a light stand (LY-4×1).


Tonight when testing the LM400 I put it against my most recent purchase, the Calumet CF9030 which is a Dedo Feloni in another guise.


Interestingly not only did the Cineroid LM400 throw out more light in all directions but has a far better colour balance as you can see, look at the far right of picture, it’s unbeleavable that such a small light can perform so well.


A must for this LED light is the diffuser set (LD-42), the light is very piercing and when I phoned Octica the distributers on Friday, Tony told me that they supply a set of diffusers for the LM400. You get 2 sets, both allow you to piggy back one to the other via small velcro stickers.

One point and the reason for phoning Octica was to inform them that the LM400 with the present yoke would not allow me to fully swivel the light for bounce due to the V lock battery getting snagged, Tony told me that he would inform Cineroid of this and they would rectify this in due course.

I used the light today for a green screen shoot and it worked without a hitch. This has to be the best LED light I own, knocking my Gekko Kelvin Tile into second place.

I am delighted with my new LM400 LED light and with such a small footprint will be my first port of call on every shoot from now on, this would make a fantastic ENG light at press conferences.

I ordered my light from H Preston Media..


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

11 thoughts on “The new Cineroid LM400 LED light (Updated)

  1. I’ve just got one as well! It’s a fantastic bit of kit. This morning I tested it with a fully charged Lanparte battery and it lasted over two hours on full brightness.

  2. Today I was a little embarrassed when another DoP pointed out that the LM400 with the barn-doors and battery-plate could not properly tilt up or down on the yoke. I’ve just spoken to the UK distributor and they’re aware of the issue and will be contacting all customers very soon with a new yoke solution. I also had an issue with my barn-doors not being painted properly and they sent me a new one right away. lets hope the light doesn’t have any issues!

  3. Does the LM400 feel hot after long usage?

    HDW : Yes, its one of the few that does get hot with usage, I suspect its energy expended over such a small area.

  4. Thanks so much for the info. Would you happen to know if the LM400 be as hot as the Dedo DLH4?

    Have you used the Cineroid L10C and L2C before? I know the L2C’s light output is stronger than the L10C and it comes with an onboard fan.

    Would you happen to know if the L2C is mounted on video camera near the onboard mic, will the mic pick up the fan noise if the fan is left on?

  5. Just want to note that the link you posted is extremely overpriced compared to what other prices you can get on this product, and the other guys also deal with Octica….

    So save a lot of money and go google. You can save more than 100 pounds by buying elsewhere than the link.

  6. …oh… but on a second note, Cineroid, to me atleast, are really proving themselves to be top contenders of the video business.

    They align themselves with professional suppliers that will go out of their way to ensure good service.

    That really does mean a lot.

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