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I have seen this camera develop from a concept and I like the simple, practical design, this is the forerunner to the Black Magic camera but I don’t think this is at Black Magic pricing. Ikonoskop allows you to download from USB2 which can take up to 2.5 hours but you can also use an Express Card Reader with Thunderbolt. Download time for 160 GB card (32min recording) to a fast disk is approximately 20min! You can get a basic body only for €6,150 or a starter kit for €7,600.

Ikonoskop “A-Cam dll is our small and professional digital film camera for shooting uncompressed RAW in full HD. The camera is based on the principles and benefits of traditional film cameras. It has a 16mm sized CCD sensor with global shutter, built-in electronic viewfinder and exchangeable onboard battery.

The camera records uncompressed sensor data on exchangeable memory cards in camera. The format is the open RAW format CinemaDNG, for which Ikonoskop is one of the pioneers. It is currently supported by Adobe, DaVinci Resolve and MXF4Mac among others.”




Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

5 thoughts on “Ikonoskop the Digital 16mm cinematic camera €6,150 Euros

  1. To me it looks poorly designed for hand-held use. I now anticipate ghastly twitch-cam becoming a cinematic trend. There’s already far too much of it on TV.

  2. Yes, where is sound? They are thinking like an old film cam? External audio recorder? Nagra? Man, we are in the XXI Century. Agfa is closed, Kodak is discontinuing films…

  3. I shot some footage with it, my conclusions: 1. the sensor has a very characteristic look… which is a “vintage” look. If you like the vintage look then the camera is perfect for you 2. Ergonomics are OK, you will need a rig for handheld, 3. workflow is not complicated
    4. You will definitely need a good colorist 5. Overall the camera needs to be mastered… since it reacts peculiarly in different lighting conditions, in order to do so you need to spend a few days with it.

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