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Today my Sony PMW-200 arrives and I am looking forward to playing with her, I need a good run and gun camcorder and miss my Sony EX-3. The PMW-200 is an EX-3 on steroids with the capability of running at 50Mbps.

I will be doing a user review of the 200 within the next two weeks so if you have any questions for my review please let me know ASAP.

Unfortunately I have to part with my XF305 or I could have done a side by side comparison but I have no doubt that with Sonys 14x constant aperture lens and 1/2″ chips it will be far better in low light than the 305.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

2 thoughts on “Sony PMW-200 arriving today

  1. Have one on preorder too, but have been told they dont know when its arriving =(, had expected it by now which is disappointing …..
    looking forward to the review anyway, am trading in my EX3 for this so hopefully will be good !!!!

  2. Hi Philip
    First of all: thanks a lot for your great site! Concerning your PMW-200 (I just ordered one for myself) indeed I have some questions:
    – I still have these Sony SD card adapters from my former EX1. Do they still work within the PMW-200, even in 422/50Mb as long as the SD cards are fast enough?
    – As far as I understood, the PMW-200 has the same Fujinon lens as the EX1. Does it mean my Chrosziel EX1 kit (mattebox, follow focus, support system) is compatible with the PMW-200.
    – Have you already seen this XMPilot stuff, allowing to use iPads or iPhones to get live video form the PMW-200 via WiFi (including remote control)? Looks like it needs a firmware upgrade coming in December but maybe Sony showed you this stuff already?
    Thanks and regards, Roland

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