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After 2 weeks of turmoil and Adobe accidentally erasing my order for Premiere Pro CS6 I get a further more serious shock…

When you load up Encore CS6 from the dock you do not have any buttons or templates rendering the program useless, this is shocking from such a so called professional company hard on the heals of Apple’s FCPX.

Was this a mistake or a case of getting the product onto the market at any cost, as a video professional I find this totally unaceptable to produce almost half a product, especially Encore which relies on the missing templates to function properly.

To add insult to injury we are supposed to believe it takes 7 days and counting to transfer and upload this content to their server, I am very angry but as was clearly demonstrated today by Adobe “NO ONE KNOWS WHATS GOING ON” as I was passed over to 4 separate departments with still no outcome…very poor indeed !

Here is the link

I was very hard on FCPX when it first came out and I also find after some investigation that Premiere Pro CS6, as yet…does not output the video to an external monitor if you are using a Matrox MX02.

Considering how long we have waited for CS6 this seems a sheer shambles, half-backed software with no thought given to editors like myself, eager to try it with the possibility of adopting it for professional use !!!

Do not install Premiere Pro CS6 or Encore CS6 because it will also wipe your CS5.5 content as well taking away all the buttons and functionality of BOTH CS5.5 and CS6.

I decided it was no great shakes as I would revert to Encore CS5.5 meantime to discover the stupid CS6 installer had wiped my CS5.5 buttons as well !!!



Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

13 thoughts on “Shocking development from ADOBE with CS6

  1. Well, I have been using CS6 for the past two months with the beta and now the full release and it has been amazing, no issues, no crashes, very quick and in my opinion the best NLE out there ! I think you are too quick to generalise, I have done installations on multiple computer and never had and problems.

  2. For me it’s not an issue I would never use their library content anyway. Been using CS6 now for a couple of weeks and have to say seriously impressed with it. Incredibly fast and smooth. Some great new features I have to put myself down as an Adobe fan. Though sorry to hear your problems with your order.

  3. It pays to wait when it comes to new software. I see this “rush to market” mentality plaguing nearly all software developers.

  4. It’s my public duty to inform fellow professionals when technology is good or bad. You are not forced to read this blog. The content issue is a serious omission by Adobe and worthy of my “MOANING” to make sure others don’t fall fowl of my misfortune.

  5. It’s like you work for Adobe, but your paying them. Thanks for working out the bugs early adopters!

  6. I think HD Warrior is doing us a favor by telling things that other reviews might forget. Then it’s uo to you to see if the problem revealed by this information is a small or a big issue for you.

  7. Thanks David, though it seems to major on the wedding scene, but very nice motion menus, worth a look if you produce weddings.

  8. I don’t see this as a problem. I had the same experience with CS5.5 Production Premium. The additional content was difficult to locate. I never used the content for PP and Encore. I make all my stuff from scratch. The AE content might be useful, but in the last year I don’t think I used any of it. I am very pleased and impressed with my purchase of the Cloud. The performance of PP CS6 is worth it. I used FC Studio 3 up until a year ago. I have no regrets about making the switch. Sometimes I think, this was easier in FCP 7 and then I find myself adapting to the new techniques in PP.

  9. Do you work for Adobe?

    If this had been Apple, all hell would have broke lose.

    Adobe should start to learn from their mistakes. Can it honestly be so difficult?

  10. What the issue is, that this is now August 2013, and what is truly shocking is that the issue has not been rectified! This is no one can doubt abysmal! If you start going through each product fantastic in some ways but always unfinished and errors are not corrected.

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