Free DVD with all new Canon C300s from H Preston Media

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H Preston Media are giving away a free “You and your Canon C300 DVD” (Worth £20) with every new Canon C300 starting from Monday the 2nd of May 2012.

The main teaching part of the DVD runs 48 minutes with a further 2 minutes of cock up’s covering…

CF cards and compatible speeds

Filming a Web Commercial at the Football Nation in Edinburgh with the new hybrid Glidetrack slider

Custom Picture showing you how to set up a custom picture with filmed examples

Low Light filming at 12dBs of gain

Short Drama in a disused railway tunnel

Cleaning the C300 sensor and the LockCircle body cap

Overview of the C300 hand grip with a tutorial to assigning the function facility to button 7

Lenses, showing you my bag of lenses from the 11-16mm f2.8 Tokina to the Canon 70-200 f4 IS “L” zoom

Filming a corporate shoot in an ice cream factory

Using the iPad 3 prompter and filming green/blue screen

WFT-E6 Wi Fi dongle and the iPad 3

Plus lots of hints and tips throughout the DVD

John Preston “We are glad to be offering the DVD with all our new C300 orders, Phil’s done a great job as usual, this will be an invaluable resource for anyone buying the Canon C300, we are getting a lot more stock this month and are also offering 12 month interest free credit.”

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