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Shocking NEWS from the Final Cut community is Apples underhand price hike from £179 to £199 in the space of two weeks ! Not only has this Janet and John editing system been reviled by professional editors around the planet, but the first time in Apples history that they have had such negative press around one product.

I am speechless as to Apples marketing ploy on this one when Adobe are now offering a massive 50% discount on their excellent 5.5 Production suite. You have no option but to buy Premiere if you want to produce Blu-ray DVDs as Encore to my knowledge is the only Mac platform DVD authoring software available today.

FCPX should be 50% less in my opinion as it has left out at least 50% of it’s previous incarnation including the ability to produce multi-cam editing. Some twat is dicking around with Apple and it’s reputation, I only hope Steve Jobb’s gets out his sick bed and kicks someones ass…sooner rather than later.



Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

10 thoughts on “Shocking NEWS…Apple increase their floundering FCPX by £20

  1. Philip calm down mate…
    I’ve been using FCPX for a couple of weeks and I must say I really like it. Yes there are some bugs and some missing bits which I’m hoping will be fixed soon, but when you get down to actually editing stuff it is really good, fast, intuitive. The main thing you have to do is let go of the “old” way of editing. Like a lot of people I panicked and downloaded a trial version of Premier and well it’s just like FCP7, but as I have an old graphics card I was getting no speed gains and to be honest I just did not like the look and feel of it. I also use motion a lot… so I took the plunge, got Ripple trainings tutorial and got into FCPX. By the way I’ve been editing corporate, educational and training videos since before FCP on AVID systems and I earn most of my living using these tools so I didn’t take it on lightly.

  2. Apple only reduced the worldwide price differences of FCP X – and of many other items, too. So this software now got more expensive in some countries and cheaper in some other countries due to current exchange rates. That’s all. And don’t forget: A lot of people – outside the broadcast world of course – love FCP X and being still so cheap it will sell in large numbers. For many of us users of the “classic” FCP, the way FCP X is going is some kind of shock and I too am not happy with it, but it’s a business and there is no doubt that Apple will make way more money with FCP X than they did with FCP 6/7. So the Apple decision is sad, but understandable. Personally, I will stick to FCP 7 and give FCP X quite a time to mature, before buying it or some other NLE one day.

  3. I think your tilting at the wrong windmill mate. Apple have been under charging for FCPX. you should check out the price of the 27″ monitor. Now THAT’S taking the piss!

    PS. Have you got round to trying FCPX yet?

  4. Whilst I haven’t had a chance to use the new FCPX isn’t this price hike across the board and due to exchange rates? As to Premiere producing Blu Ray discs – if you want to produce ‘proper’ Blu Ray discs that can be sent for replication and work correctly then the only real choice which is cost effective is Netblender’s Do Studio.

  5. Further to my remarks. The new monitor should cost no more than £750. Anything above that is pure profiteering on their part. Fancy taking up that cudgel?

  6. Apple has a good game going. I’m now paying premium for a pricey (compared to the competition), unstable (apparently under load), 2011 Macbookpro just to run Final Cut which my schools insists on using.

    And what gets me is people, users, even my fellow film students defend them to the hilt for offering expensive products, which lack expected features, all for premium prices. That’s why I’m learning Adobe Premiere on my own time.

  7. Good luck with Premier, especially the XML round-tripping with FCP7, by all accounts (well its what I’ve been hearing from some people) its a bit ‘lively’. But don’t let that put you off…
    Give FCPX a quick peek, its not has bad as some people like to make out. 🙂

  8. did you mean ‘…dropped a bollock’?

    How have Apple ‘dropped the ball’?

  9. FCPX has it’s issues, but once you get your head around the fact that it’s completely new way to edit video…it makes more sense. Turn off background rendering, and watch your MacBook Pro fly… it really is the fastest editor i’ve used to date. Things are done differently, but it’s a pretty shallow learning curve and i managed to get a really nice piece of work done on it this week in a very short amount of time.

    No one has mentioned how cool it deals with different codecs and frame sizes…i mixed 4 codec and mixed SD with HD and it didn’t stutter at all. All the SD footage was uprezzed to HD and it looks better than a certain 3rd party app i used to use.

    It’s missing some pro features we need fixing, sure… but it’s gonna be a main player again before long…you’ll see.

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