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Today was fun day number two at the Brown household, yes today was a trip back to the home of Glidetrack and to meet my good friend Alistair Brown who did a retrograde to my Glidetrack HD turning it into a GT with go faster stripes !

I had fallen out of favour well over a year ago with my Glidetrack slider not because it wasn’t working properly, far from it, mainly because I now owned a camcorder that was far from suitable to use with the slider, a Sony PMW-350K.

It was recommissioned from a dusty existence when I needed the odd product shot for my reviews using the Canon 5D2 which on the whole was just the job but I felt the slider was not as smooth as I felt it should be so I called Alistair at Glidetrack who told me to get hold of a tin of silicon spray from Three in One. Although it was better it still felt a tad grungy, not as smooth as I thought it should be.

Alistair told me that a new carriage was near completion, one that was a lot smoother due to a special roller system so today I picked up my slider and I kid you not it’s 20x better than my old slider with virtually no resistance on the track at all…fantastic.

The new “HYBRID CARRIAGE” is a must especially if you plan to use the Panasonic AF101 speaking off Alistair asked me to bring down my AF101 to see if another product he sells would fit onto not only the 101 viewfinder but the Cineroid EVF as well.

Look at that sexy red eyecushion on my Cineroid and better still it makes for a far nicer feel when your eye rests on the microfiber rather than the rubber eyecup itself, I was like a wee boy just after opening his presents at Christmas time, a splendifferous new sliding carriage and a new sexy red eyecushion for my Cineroid…Whoopee !

This has been one of my better days and thanks to Alastair I look forward to using my Glidetrack GT in anger very soon along with my red viewfinder eyecushion, please remember the GLIDETRACK slider is made in Scotland which is a part of the UK and I do support well made home produced products and you should to.

I will be doing a review of the Glidetrack GT slider very soon showing you all the new innovative extras that come with the new Hybrid slider.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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  1. I have been waiting for one of these for a while, which model is it that you have used / recommend? I completely agree with supporting UK business!

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