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I hope by Tuesday of next week we will be well rid of the snow as H Preston Media holds their Panasonic Open Day. At around 4pm you can get a glimpse of the new Panasonic AF101 thats being specially delivered from Europe for the day.

There will be many Panasonic products on show from 10.30am including the new AG-3DA1 professional 3D camcorder, now for my money this is the way to shoot 3D. The pictures I saw during ProVideo 2010 were stunning and looked like Photoshop layers. This camera allows you to zoom unlike it’s domestic SD750.

If I were shooting a big budget 3D production this would be my choice as it performs like a conventional camcorder and is truly portable unlike the 45˚ mirror versions with two camcorders stuck at 90˚ to each other.

The other main reason for choosing this camera is it’s ability to record onto two SDHC cards, combining the two pictures gives you the 3D effect but a great feature is the ability to produce a 2D version very easily by only using the V2 or V1 from the timeline, this is truly versatile as you can easily deliver 3D and 2D versions of the same production.

Sadly this camcorder has not been given the publicity it richly deserves as the AF101 has stolen it’s limelight but you have a chance to see this camcorder at the Hampton Open Day on the 7th of December 2010.

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