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10 thoughts on “PL to Micro 4/3 Adaptor from MTF for the new Panasonic AG-AF101

  1. No offence to MTF or anyone else making these adapters…. but aren’t they just simple pieces of machined ally or something? £376? Sounds like a bit of a rip-off to me. Are there optics involved? I don’t think so…

  2. Sean, you of all people should know better, it’s an uneducated man who comes out with such a poor statement.
    Tell me Sean if it’s so easy why are you not producing your own adaptors…….long pause Sean……..?
    The next time you happen to look into the gaping hole of your SLR you decide the type of metal to start with, then get out your ruler and measure, put your details onto paper and send it off to Santa.
    Santa will then laugh and put you in contact with MTF.
    If I were using £3000 PL lenses I would like to have the confidence in the adaptor I was using.
    You will be telling me next not to bother using a £400 camera bag as your sisters hair net will suffice !

  3. If i could afford £3000 PL lenses, i’d probably be shooting on something else. Most users of this cam will want to use their DSLR lenses. I understand adapters need to be well made…and people wanting to use PL lenses will probably not have an issue paying £300 for an adapter, but if the Nikon and Canon adapters cost this kind of money, i’ll stick with my DSLR and the £20 adapters that work perfectly.
    I never said they were easy to make…just cheaper than £376.

    Why am i not producing my own adapters? For the same reason that i’m not producing weapons i guess… they make a fortune… but that’s not what i do.

    Excuse me for questioning why something costs what it does. I’ll just hand over my cash from now on.

  4. Sean, the NIKON G Adaptor for the AF101 is £276 that’s £100 cheaper. The AF101 was never going to be a cheaper alternative to a DSLR, DPs like myself are more than happy with the price tag of £4000 remembering the Sony F3 is 3x the price.

    You get what you pay for…DSLRs come with problems but you pay £700 upwards or you pay £4000 and wipe out all the DSLR problems plus the added bonus of XLRs.

    As a profesional that wants the SDoF without the hassle I will plum for a Panasonic AF101 …fit for purpose and pay the going price for a Canon adaptor when it’s announced.

  5. I agree… still going to get an AF101 at some point..(assuming Canon don’t jump into that market in the meantime) Still going to keep my DSLRs though.. fantastic for so many shots where you can’t use a video camera.

    I don’t think anyone would argue with the £4k price point..stunning – even if we have got used to DSLR pricing. We all know you need to pay for proper video functions.

    I guess more options for adapters will appear once this camera gets out in the world..

  6. Hi Sean.
    I feel there are a few things I should point out.

    Unlike the cheap rubbish sometimes found on ebay, my products are designed by myself, and manufactured here in the UK.
    Tolerances involved are typically 0.01mm.

    Our engineers are paid UK salaries with no Chinese or Polish slave labour involved.

    We always use the best materials, HE30 aluminium as opposed to the easier to machine but softer freecut.

    The Micro 4/3 mount is our own design manufactured for us by a separate company that specialises in machining Stainless steel.

    Our products are not aimed at the mass market so batch numbers are nowhere where they need to be to bring the price down much further and as a small company, we can ill afford to keep thousands of anything on the shelf.

    Having said that, I was emailed recently to be told that the Hotrod productions version was 2x the price.

    The price quoted above does include Vat, by the way, so many professionals customers will get that back in their vat returns.

    Also a lot of time and money is invested in each of our products, more than you can imagine and we have over 20 lens adaptors on offer.

    I know that this has nothing to do with the end user, but people forget that dealers demand a significant discount,
    advertising in print and the web costs literally £1000s per month, then salaries, materials, and other overheads …., of the £320, trust me, there is not much left

    At the end of the day, I wish I could go out and be a photographer/videographer/filmmaker but I don’t have that talent and I certainly don’t begrudge those that do from earning a living doing what they are good at!

  7. Hi Graham, I am not to sure what you are meaning about spellings but it seems USA spell “ADAPTER” and UK spell ADAPTOR” who cares…you are looking for a micro 4/3″ adaptor. The AF101 takes micro 4/3″ lenses straight onto the camera with no adaptor but if you want to use Nikon lenses you would need a Nikon G to micro 4/3″ adaptor.

  8. Graham people make typo errors all the time if you want to teach english spelling lessons then read a blog about spelling, mistakes happen…move on.

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