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Adobe Systems have today announced that the BBC is adopting Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 within its Creative Desktop Initiative to improve workflow efficiency, create a tapeless environment and reduce costs.The deployment of an additional 2,000 seats will make Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 the company’s primary tool for non-linear editing and represents a strong endorsement of Adobe by the world-renowned broadcaster.

The BBC will seek to utilise Adobe Premiere Pro CS5’s native 64-bit architecture to increase productivity and efficiency; as well as using the new Adobe Mercury Playback Engine to deliver real-time editing and playback of High Definition sequences without rendering. From ingest to output Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 also provides industry leading support for metadata – making assets easier to find and allowing the corporation to efficiently repurpose media across a number of digital channels.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 has been steadily growing in stature since its release this summer with comprehensive native format support, GPU accelerated real-time performance and enhanced metadata handling. Are we seeing the emergence of a new industry favourite?   Info from CVPs Craig Heffernan

HDW…No surprise here… as Apple have dragged their feet, jumped through hoops to avoid Blu-ray, keep us all waiting for FC-8, no 64bit support….what are people going to do Apple…JUMP SHIP !   Oh I forgot the recent add from Mr Jobbs that will keep us waiting…”It’s Awesome”….MR JOBBS…It’s way too late, people are jumping ship by the hour and take it from me Mr Jobbs if you continue down the road of NO BLU-RAY SUPPORT then Final Cut will DIE…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !

Since I wrote this I have received this email from a BBC insider :

It was not a coincidence that the BBC have chosen to go down the Adobe route when they already have editors using Final Cut Pro, thankfully for them Adobe brought Premiere back to the Mac so the switch over won’t be as bad other than installing new software.” ….


The BBC is definitely NOT going down the Adobe route, not for serious production editing at least.
Where Premiere is being used (and where it’s being used in the main, is by non-editing professionals) is to prepare programmes for the web, be it the internet or iPlayer.

For the last few years the BBC has been rolling out FCP as its replacement for Avid. As nice as Avid is, it doesn’t fit comfortably in to the BBC’s Mega-hyper-super-dooper video server plan. Final Cut does.
FCP is very very happy to sit on Quantel’s server technology, and Quantel is the BBC’s main provider of that technology.

Why FCP?
Simply put, it integrates in to the new infrastructure being built in the Corporations new facilities around the UK, and its deeply popular with the editors. Editors are very conservative, and so too is the BBC.

If there is a problem for the BBC, it has nothing to do with the current version of Final Cut Pro.
So much so, that if there where a PC/Windows port of FCP it would be on a every BBC desktop, in every office across the globe.
Rolling FCP out across its programme platforms will continue apace, the real headache for the Beeb begins, when Apple introduces a new, very different version of Final cut!


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

2 thoughts on “BBC to utilise Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 “No surprise here”

  1. I only use FCP for very specific things, as an edit environment it’s always sucked, both Media 100 and Avid are far better day-to-day editors.

    By the way Paul, if you are going to shout at Steve like that you should at least spell his name correctly:)

  2. From an independent studio perspective — Final Cut Pro hasn’t made sense in about four years. With the release of CS5 — I can’t find a single credible argument to take Final Cut Pro seriously. The arguments you find online in favor of Final Cut Pro (and/or bashing Premiere/AE CS5) seem to be entirely based on five or six year old misinformation. CS5 isn’t perfect, but I can’t remember the last time I had to “transcode” something and the integration with Illustrator/Photoshop/After Effects really does make all the difference.

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