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RED may have shown off a working EPIC camera at NAB back in April, but a serious bug has prevented the camera from actually going into production — to the point which RED founder Jim Jannard himself says that they’re not just behind schedule anymore, they are “embarrassingly late.” He now says that the company has managed to nail the bug, however, and that the camera is back on track to head into production… sometime. Jannard also assures us that production of the Scarlet camera (also affected by the bug) will then follow, although that depends on “how fast we can get EPIC production rolling and solid” — he did later add that he expects it to be sometime before the end of the year, though.

I don’t doubt the quality of such a stunning stills-motion camera but I think if the Panasonic AF100 appears late October it will certainly take the edge off EPIC but will have also have a serious impact on Scarlet. Jim and his team have been struggling this last year to bring out EPIC and Scarlet and this “bug” seems to be intrinsic to both cameras telling me it’s a possible problem with the quality of the chip itself.

When Canon produced their first high quality 6MP chips they had no end of problems so much so that the same problems filtered into the marketplace causing Canon and their end users many sleepless nights.


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