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Strange but my mother started last week having very irritated eyes (not hayfever), this week I had what I put down to hayfever but my left eye became infected then to cap it all my friends husband who is a GP has an irritated left eye. That’s two people who don’t suffer hayfever having irritated eyes plus me.

As a cameraman I need my eyes to be A1 for obvious reasons but I do think there may be some milage in an upsurge of irritated eyes being down to fine volcanic ash. I would be interested to hear from any other UK or European cameramen/women with similar findings.

I now wear a set of clear lens BLOC glasses when I am outside to prevent pollen/ash entering my eyes.

It does mention the following warning in the NHS UK website…

Is anybody at special risk from the ash?

People with existing respiratory conditions, such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema and asthma, may feel the effects more than others. In affected areas, they are recommended to carry inhalers or other medication as a precaution.

People who wear contact lenses may want to avoid wearing their lenses in areas with ash fall.

How do I know if there is ash in the air?

The HPA says that if people who are outside notice symptoms such as “itchy or irritated eyes, runny nose, sore throat or dry cough, or if they notice a dusty haze in the air or can smell sulphur, rotten eggs, or a strong acidic smell, they may wish to limit their activities outdoors or return indoors”.


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3 thoughts on “Volcanic ash and irritated eyes a warning for camera operators

  1. Ash is most definitely dropping out of the sky over Scotland. Here on the Isle of Arran the air is normally so clear your car gets clean by sitting out of doors. Lately we’ve seen pale beige powdery deposits all over ours.

  2. I have noticed more dust on my car, but luckily my yes haven’t been affected. But it’s a valid point.

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