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So what does the future hold in the world of HD video…I think we will see a swing away from conventional video camcorder to the shallow depth of field camcorder as demonstrated by the HDSLR we see today. Personally I think we will see the demise of the HDSLR into cult status mid 2011…with a few die hards and cost conscious film makers hanging on… finally we will have a choice of SDoF camcorders from both Sony, Panasonic and possibly Canon who stupidly had a chance to nail this marketplace with a SDoF camcorder but decided to go down the route of a conventional camcorder albeit a very high spec HD camcorder.

The problem I can foresee is that the world of video/film will become very samey… You expect to see wonderful SDoF shots when watching a big budget movie but do we really need to see SDoF shots in everything we watch ?  Sadly I think we will get to a point in time where 80% of what you watch will be film like and the exception will become the ‘video’ look. We may even see a cult following who only use video camcorders in order to get away from the film look.

Formats will become obsolete when we finally get 1080 50P in professional reasonably priced camcorders, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro etc will have caught up, 4:2:2 or better will become the de facto as will 50Mbs for all camcorders.

OMG will we get to a stage of having the perfect camcorder…nothing to look forward to… don’t be silly the future always holds better ways of doing things. I hope we will finally be rid of interlacing, it was good when it was needed but even today we are living an interlace free viewing experience  with Plasma and LCD screens all being progressive.

Solid State now thats the key to an HD future with both camcorders and computers, within the next 5 years we are going to see a massive shift towards solid state everything. The days of needing hard drives and their tendency to give up on you at the least inopportune moment will become a thing of the past. You will have a bank of HD-VID cards 10TB each 1200M/bs making everything you do instant, real time, rendering will become a thing of the past.

3D has a future but I can tell you one thing that does not have a future…red-green glasses… this is a dinosaur of the sixties I can’t quite believe there are companies out there experimenting with the red-green shift so called 3D when the future is obviously in polarisation. I will become a fan of 3D when you don’t need any glasses to view your subject in 3D space …until then it’s a dead donkey.

What about 100 years from now…2110…OK I will have a stab at it… video as we know it today will be everywhere, solid state will be king, TV stations will become a thing of the past, almost everything you do will be uploaded automatically, analysed and used from personal news that your grandchild will playback from any of her relatives, personal POV cams will become the norm. Space will no longer be an issue you will use HD TIME embedded chips, recording 24/7 one year intervals…not a future I relish or will ever be part of thankfully.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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