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The Easyrig story began when I were shooting World Championship of handball in 1994. Because I was the youngest at the network I always did the hand held work. By the end of the day my shoulders hurt badly. I told myself I had to do something about it if I want to do camera work when I get older. I thought of a rope from the sealing down to the camera but then you will not be flexible. Then I built an iron tripod on my backpack and there I had my first prototype of the Easyrig. From then I have made different prototypes of Easyrigs. I went to Amsterdam in 1997 on a show called IBC. There was a lot of interest and I got many agents around the world from that point.

concept_varioSome times people think you look foolish with the Easyrig on, but when they understand what is does they think it’s smart and they get very interested. Often I say to people to try the Easyrig on and you will see a smile on there faces.

The company is a family business. When my children have holyday they are always welcome to work in the company. It is important for me that the end user, “The cameraman”, has to be satisfied with our equipment and that nothing breaks.

I still work as a cameraman at the Swedish Television. One week at the Swedish Television and the other week on the Easyrig Company. We are located in the north of Sweden where we have snow half of the year and never dark in the summer.

To be a cameraman for me is the best work in the world!

Johan Hellsten
Inventor and president of Easyrig


PS. For all the cameramen and women who suffer a sore back thank’s to our trade this is a great bit of kit but I still think it looks like a portable shower unit ! I want a sexy RED EasyRig.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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