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Trailblazing Philip Bloom has just introduced a new training DVD for filming techniques using the Canon 5D Mk11, when Phil gets back from the states I hope to interview him about using the Canon 5D and also review his new training DVD.

QUOTE : “You probably have the same frustrations as Philip felt when he first began using the camera.  However after immersing himself in it for 5 months he has figured out all the tricks, and cheats to make filming easy. Now he’s made them all available to you in this intensive training DVD he’s gone through the pain so you don’t have to waste time making the same mistakes he has. Absolutely everything you need to know in 24 ultra specific chapters.  No ‘long drawn out 3hr presentation’ Just the important stuff, the aspects that will get you out shooting video like a pro in less than 2  hours.”

NOTE : Not to sure why the price is in dollars but the DVD is available for a limited time period for $120 then goes up to $175.

DVD Contents

Chapters 1-8

  • Chapter 1 – The Evolution of the Canon 5D MK II
  • Chapter 2 – Philip Bloom’s 5D MK II History
  • Chapter 3 – Shooting with the 5D MKII
  • Chapter 4 – What Kit do you Need
  • Chapter 5 – Setting up the camera to shoot video
  • Chapter 6 – Setting your ISO
  • Chapter 7 – Getting the best in camera picture style
  • Chapter 8 – Getting the correct exposure

Chapters 9-16

  • Chapter 9 – Lenses
  • Chapter 10 – Lens Discipline
  • Chapter 11 – Using a macro extension tube
  • Chapter 12 – The matte box
  • Chapter 13 – Follow Focus
  • Chapter 14 – Using a video monitor
  • Chapter 15 – Mono pod & Viewfinder
  • Chapter 16 – Variable ND filters

Chapter 17-24

  • Chapter 17 – The IS lens
  • Chapter 18 – Shooting Handheld
  • Chapter 19 – Avoiding the “Jello” effect
  • Chapter 20 – Shutter Speed
  • Chapter 21 – Depth of field using the fader/vari ND
  • Chapter 22 – Shutter speed in artificial light
  • Chapter 23 – Sound
  • Chapter 24 – Best way to learn? Go out and shoot.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

One thought on “5D Mk11 DVD now available from F-STOP Academy $120

  1. Corrected Version
    I have bought this DVD and have found it to be absolutely great. The delivery style is direct and to the point and Philip is such a good presenter and teacher.

    A lot of the DVD is SHOW and TELL so you can see clearly what he is talking about.

    I am now looking forward to a more advanced VOL II

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