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sony-uwp-v167bThis compact, true diversity system is an outstanding value at £489 for the Bodypack Lavalier packages. The UWP-V Series replaces the UWP-C Series, with enhancements that include: a rugged, all-metal chassis and Mic/Line switchable input at the transmitter. PLL-synthesized tuning, space-diversity reception, and all the professional wireless features that made the UWP-C series a popular choice. 

The camera-mountable URX-P2 receiver features swivel antennas and space-diversity technology which stabilizes reception and minimizes RF interference by selecting the strongest incoming signal. It features a convenient auto channel scanning function that automatically detects unoccupied channels, allowing operators easily to select the most appropriate channel to use. A stereo mini-jack output with monitor volume control is featured and both stereo, mini and XLR cables are provided. An LCD display provides channel & frequency information, battery life, RF-input level, audio-output status and accumulated operating time. The receiver operates on two “AA” batteries for up to 8 hours. The URX-P2s compact design and included shoe-mount adapter allows for easy mounting to most camcorders.

The improved UTX-P1 plug-in and UTX-B2 bodypack transmitters feature comprehensive LCD displays and a Mic/Line-level switch for standard wired microphones line-level sources. Selectable output power provides a choice between 5mW output, which is suitable for simultaneous multi-channel operation or 30mW output for long distance transmission. The 5mW output mode also helps conserve battery life. Like the URX-P2 receiver, the transmitters feature 188 selectable UHF frequencies and operate for up to 8 hours on two “AA” alkaline batteries.

This was my first break from Sehnheizer radio mics, what attracted me to this system was the diversity receiver and the 3.5 jack monitor socket, this allows you to stick your headphones on and check the radio mic without having to switch on your camcorder. It is also a lot quieter than the  G2 Sehnheizer radio mic therefore it is used 99% of the time in my kit. The addition of diversity makes this almost a flawless radio system certainly for work of up to 25 meters. I also find the 2 “AA” batteries last a fair bit longer than the equivalent Sehnheizer 9V battery set-up and the battery indicator is a great feature.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

One thought on “Sony UWP-V Diversity Radio Mic mini REVIEW

  1. Hi all,
    I’ve been interested in buying the above kit. I wonder if anyone can give me advice or point me at a web site with info regarding the situation with frequencies? According to the Ofcom website all current channels will be obsolete by 2012 but they claim the new frequencies on Channel 38 are availale now, but i can’t find any mikes using that channel. We’re also past the date when Ofcom will compensate you for new equipment bought, so it looks like if you buy the above its useless at the start of 2012? Dosn’t seem right to me?

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