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From top to bottom; PMW-EX1, PDW-F355L and PDW-700 XDCAM Camcorders

XDCAM – 21st century workflow

XDCAM is the family name for Sony tapeless camcorders and decks. Combining the best of video and IT, XDCAM is ideal for quick turnaround projects where deadlines are tight.


An exciting new, low-cost entry point into the world of HD, XDCAM EX records onto “SxS PRO™” memory cards which comply with the ExpressCard™ standard. Up to 100 minutes of HD content can be recorded onto two removable 16GB cards. 1080/720 switchable and supporting a variety of standards, including CineAlta 1080/23.98PsF, XDCAM EX makes it fast and easy to shoot, edit and distribute great quality HD.


Featuring camcorders with 1/2-inch interchangeable lenses, XDCAM HD offers an elegant path to HD for cost-conscious users looking to switch from analogue or DVCAM. MPEG HD encoding ensures crisp, clear image quality with true 1080-line HD resolution and a choice of 18Mbps, 25Mbps and 35Mbps recording rates. Over 35 partner vendors ensures seamlessly integration with most of today’s popular NLEs.


XDCAM HD 422 sits at the top of the XDCAM range and is ideal for applications such as ENG, documentary, European TV drama and mainstream entertainment programmes that require a high quality look. Stunning HD picture quality is delivered using 2/3-inch 1920×1080 resolution CCDs, 14 bit A/D conversion and 4:2:2 recording at 50Mbps – while still retaining XDCAM’s market-leading non-linear workflow.

The HDW-790P was specifically designed for the European market.

HDCAM – Prestige results on Standard Definition budgets

The ideal medium for drama, documentaries, commercials and mainstream television programming, HDCAM has become the High Definition format of choice for discerning users. Already chosen as an “in-house format” by broadcasters around the world, HDCAM offers superb High Definition picture performance while offering a convenient choice of workflow options.

Whether you prefer to post produce in HDCAM or down-convert for editing within existing SD infrastructures, HDCAM offers greater flexibility to match your creative preferences and operational needs. Shoot at 24PsF or 25PsF to give your pictures a prestige, ‘filmic’ look. Alternatively, select 50i or 60i for a more immediate feel, especially with fast-moving action – the choice is yours. 

Providing an ideal migration to HD for customers working within Standard Definition budgets, HDCAM future-proofs and increases the international marketability of all your programming.

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The F23 is designed to dock with the SRW-1 HDCAM SR recorder.

HDCAM SR – Ultimate HD performance for the most demanding users

Preferred by leading media industry players thanks to its unparalleled picture quality and ultra-mild signal compression, HDCAM SR has been developed to accommodate the most demanding applications. From movies and commercials to sophisticated green screen effects, CGI, digital intermediates, telecine transfers and archiving, there’s no format to match the peerless performance of HDCAM SR.

Delivering breathtakingly natural, detailed pictures, thanks to true RGB 4:4:4: coding at a bit rate of up to 880Mbps, HDCAM SR ensures that the most prestigious productions will stand out. And with 12 uncompressed digital audio tracks, HDCAM SR is also perfect for multi-channel surround sound mastering. When nothing less than the very best picture quality and performance will do, HDCAM SR is the ultimate choice of the world’s most discerning creative professionals. 

When nothing less than the very best picture quality and performance will do, HDCAM SR is the ultimate choice of the world’s most discerning creative professionals.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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