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The Petrol Inflatable Airline Bag is uniquely designed to safeguard a camera against accidental damage from other cargo or jostling during a flight. There’s no longer need to pad and cover valuable equipment with airline blankets or extra pillows. The top of the bag unzips smoothly and opens wide to offer enough room for a full-size broadcast camera without disturbing the viewfinder and lens. An exterior side pocket holds a coiled tube that connects to an exterior inflation valve. The user simply blows into the tube to fill the bag’s internal inflation system. Inside, the contents are surrounded by soft fabric backed by a firm, protective cushion of air. The inflation system is removable and can be easily replaced. When inflated, the bag can be safely stored in the airplane’s overhead compartment, or inside a hard case or standard camera bag. Additional features include Petrol’s nylon shoulder strap and easy-glide dual-directional zippers. The exterior is constructed of water-resistant blue Cordura and heavy-duty black ballistic nylon.

U.S. list price for Inflatable Airline Bag (PIAB) is $259. For further information,  go to

Editor “Now that’s what I call a great idea…how it’s not been thought of in the past beats me. Sadly by the time we see this bag in the UK it will cost upwards of £259”. 

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