24p & Frame Rates tutorial “A must buy if you film in 24p”

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After watching the tutorial I am far better versed in the frame rate that I usually avoid like the plague…25p ! This video was an eye opener and although made for the American market there are PAL references throughout the video.

On Wrightsville Beach Studios info it says… The problem with both You TUBE and Vimeo is that they cannot play the video back as 60p, so the differences in motion between the frame rates are lost.  We have you download the excerpts from the website so that you can watch it in 60p.

I downloaded the demo video and decided to buy it to make sure I was giving correct information…it’s a minefield and the one bit of info that gets me is the legacy 25i and to treat it as 50i on your timeline !

There’s no doubt about it, its the best £10 ($17) you will spend this year if only to get your head around 24p, 30p and 60p (24p, 25p and 50p PAL).

PS. I am on no commission for this I just think it was enjoyable and informative.

LINK… http://www.wrightsvillebeachstudios.com/24pFR.html

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  1. James says:

    Will check it out. I’m curious, why do / did you avoid 25p “like the plague”?

  2. Ron Evans says:

    I bought the video and it is really good. Not a fan of slow frame rates but it has a lot of useful information for everyone I think.

    Ron Evans

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