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My thanks to Alister Chapman for coming up with some CUSTOM PICTURE PROFILES the rest can be downloaded here :


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  1. J.Vrozina says:

    I wonder who would use Sony Look..
    They have worst skin tones in Galaxy 🙂

  2. HD Warrior says:

    I noted that after adjusting green slightly that the in-house skin tones of the Canon were improved and I also noticed it was now closer to the skin tones of my Sony FS100…hence the Sony skin tone look.
    The Sony look depends on what you have bought into…
    Panasonic skin tones tend to be on the orange side, while Sony tend to be on the red side, Canon tend to hit on the green side and the only company who in my opinion seem to get it almost correct is JVC.
    A lot of people film with Sony EX3, EX1r, PMW-350/500s so it makes sense to offer a Sony look.

  3. Jiri Vrozina says:

    Best skintones are on Ikegami,Panasonic(who bought before 2000 Ikegami ENGs) and Canon.
    So when do you think C100 will be released?
    Looks like Nikon D800 with clean 4:2:2 out will nuke it all for $3000. Constant AF, stepless Iris, nice fast G lenses.

  4. HD Warrior says:

    A C100 would be a great idea but we are forgetting about the C DSLR which must be out soon, people are predicting this will be a 4K DSLR.

    I do fancy a D800 myself, I did have the D700 but I was not as impressed with it as I thought I might be which is why I sold it.

  5. matt davis says:

    How are you finding the XF100? does it match well with the C300

  6. HD Warrior says:

    With some tweaking of the Custom Picture I can get a fairly decent match, the C300 for obvious reasons is better and it shows.

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