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Its the new normal today with designers, everything must be in a straight line therefore sacrificing a much needed full size HDMI socket on the new Panasonic S5.

I have now proven via Photoshop that a full size HDMI socket could have been an option.

A micro HDMI is a complete waste of time and has proven itself on many shoots how fragile it is.

Panasonic broke the mould with the GH5 using a full size HDMI and hey presto a few professional cameras down the line the mould is now broken.

Micro HDMI is not a professional connector !!!


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

4 thoughts on “Panasonic S5 could have had a full size HDMI

  1. Hopefully someone will manufacture a cage with a locking micro HDMI device to prevent accidental disconnection or damage to the port. As you say so unnecessary on such a good camera such as this designed for professional work.

  2. Hi Philip – it’s frustrating but hopefully we will see an enterprising solution. I see three screwheads that might be suitable for fixing a retainer/strain relief device. A short adapter cable should do the trick.

    BTW If you get one in please check the latency over HDMI for live work. Personally I’m not too fussed about anything except 1080p for live output but I know the GH4/5 had some quite noticeable lag.

  3. Such a bummer :(. I’ve never used a micro HDMI before as I’ve only ever had the Gh5. Recently upgraded to the S5 and upon arriving to my first day of production, I set up my rig and the monitor doesn’t work. Before this day I spent less than 4 hours doing tests at home in a controlled environment. I can’t believe how fragile it is and I really hope Panasonic can help as it’s only a month old and has had very minor use.

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