Review of the Sony HXR-NX3D1

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[xr_video id=”36137a6d30b848238dd818ffa30cb4ed” size=”md”]

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  1. Chad Thomas says:

    This was useful in establishing that this camera does in fact seem to be the TD10 with XLR inputs, a slightly larger hard drive, and 24P 3D recording. My main complaint with the TD10 were the lack of zebra / waveform monitors and manual iris / shutter controls in 3D mode. But we’re definitely in the same camp for our test footage – the first thing I did with my TD10 was shoot a couple street carnivals.

  2. HD Warrior says:

    Sony are good at re boxing domestic gear if you remember the CX 550 also became the MC50 in a “Pro” look. I was not aware of the TD10 till you flagged it up but the additional XLRs makes the NX3D1 a must for professional use, I really hate the 3.5mm jack for audio which is why I sold my MC50 and bought 2 NX70s.

  3. Iyfale says:

    Thanks for the review, but… Oh no! The thing I feared the most, the manual controls in 3D mode remains very limited. Manual controls are very important to me. I guess I have to wait for another 3D handheld camcorder.

  4. Chris Gibbs says:

    That’s a very cool intro you put together — they can keep the 3D camera though. (:-)

  5. Chad Thomas says:

    I agree, but I typically use a Zoom H4N for recording audio. While having the mic inputs on the camera might be a nice convenience, it is certainly not a necessity (for me, anyway). On-screen zebra / waveform monitors, though? I definitely would have traded up for those. While I’ve gotten a lot better at controlling exposure on the TD10, I still tend to underexpose in bright light.

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