Angus takes the Sony NEX-VG10 out for a spin

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Angus…”I was lucky enough to get to shoot with the VG10E on Friday (edit will be up soon) and it is a nice bit of kit, but there is no doubt that it is a consumer bit of kit.
It is easy to use but the OS is still the same as the NEX still cameras so not totally suited. You can get some good stuff with it and in general I agree totally with the sentiment of this blogg but as others have said I think it will possibly be the Panasonic, but definitely a Canon or the first pro-sony camera that will really make the dslr crowd sit up and take notice.
As an eng style shooter not a film maker, dslrs have never given me the practicality I’ve needed to switch despite how good the footage looks, so I’m really looking forward to Sony’s first EX1 equivalent that gives decent sDoF in a formfactor that is easy and fast to use.”

HDW : I will be in contact with Sony domestic this week to see if we can get a pre production shot of this camcorder but there is one thing for sure FilmLike SDoF camcorders are all the buzz on most blogs, once we see the Sony shortly followed by the Panasonic there will be little else to talk about !

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