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Here it is the video review of IBC 2013 filmed with the Lumix GH3 at 1080 50p with the 12-35mm f2.8 X Panasonic lens. I also used a Tascam DR60 from Production Gear with a Sennheiser MKH-416 shotgun mic with a Rycote softie kit.

The GH3 had a Lumix DMW-MS2 self powered mic on top which you can switch via the camera menu between Stereo or gun, I choose gun mode. This was far better for picking up the people being interviewed but not good enough to be used in place of the Sennheiser mic.

I will give you a more detailed report using the GH3 and DR60 later this week.


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  1. Chris Gibbs says:

    Extremely enjoyable — and that’s the whole point from a viewers perspective isn’t it!
    If you get chance Philip a short technical synopsis of how you shot the interviews would be much appreciated!
    You did a bang-up job with that GH3 BTW.
    Thank you ~ Chris

  2. Gerald Prost says:

    Thanks Philip I really enjoyed viewing this. It is great to see what is coming up. Gerry

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