It could only happen in America !

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It could only happen in America, now following a lengthy court case on the 11th of Sept a USITC Judge upheld Litepanels complaint that the only way to prevent abuse of their patent was an import ban on any type of LED lamp designed for photo or video use that may infringe on their patents.

The final determination of the case is expected by January.

If Lite Pannels wins this case in January HD Warrior will instantly ban any mention of Lite Pannels or any LED light associated with this company and give as much publicity to all LED lights because we run a fair trade blog.

No one can deny Lite Pannels are one of the best LED lights on the market but the bar has been set at around £500-£700 max for a decent LED panel light, very few of us are now willing to pay beyond £1000 these days unless the light is specialised like the Anova from Rotolight.

We won’t ban VITEC as a group only LED lights produced by Lite Pannels, personally the power of the web could overturn this ridiculous stance taken by Lite Pannels…SIMPLE…IF YOUR LED LIGHTS WERE COMPETITIVELY PRICED WE WOULD ALL HAPPILY BUY YOUR PRODUCT.

Over here in the UK James Dyson tried to ban all bag-less carpet cleaners that were seriously infringing on his patent, that would have given Dyson a Monopoly and was thrown out of court.

Needless to say Dyson moved on and is still the number one bag-less carpet cleaner in the UK and the dearest but the point is we do have a choice.

The other point is…If the dearest is the best like a Dyson cleaner then you will buy one but not if it is FOUR times the price of the competition.

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  1. moebius22 says:

    Apple et al – this is getting ridiculous. U.S. patent and copyright law is broken.

  2. David Doré says:

    I totally agree! It is about time we all taught these arrogant American monopolists a sharp lesson. As for Apple… next time I need a Mac, I’ll buy a PearC in Germany.

  3. Gabriel says:

    You dont have to consider those laws made in US. For ex in some state of US you may not carry a gorilla on the backsit of your car.
    They are totally out of logic.

  4. les says:

    People can be stupid and selfish, but a judge? oh man! anyway i never buy expensive equipment ie arri, kino etc.I am ok with cheap redhead and chinese led.

  5. Yang says:

    It’s very ridiculous. LP doesn’t invest LED,why they apply for the patent?

    To be honest, their products are good, but too expensive.

  6. c may says:

    by the way, Lite Panels and Lite Panels UK is owned by Vitec, rumoured to be a UK company.

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