SONY NX-70 “Problems reading SDHC cards”

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It has been reported to me that a fellow professional has had problems with his Sony NX-70 reading SDHC cards.

The error code is C:13:01 or C:13.06 both error codes indicate an error reading the SDHC card and no matter what make of card you use the error wont go away. This potentially serious problem only surfaced recently after the chap installed the new firmware which allows operators to record onto both card and internal memory.

Fortunately this reading error does not affect the internal memory so you can still use your NX-70 till you get a break long enough to send it back to Sony using your 2 years Prime Support, no NX-70 is out side the 2 year warranty, yet.

There are a few tricks to try if you do come across this problem…

1. Clean the gold contacts on the card and try re-inserting the card.

2. Re-insert the card about 5 times in succession.

3. Wiggle the card while its in place to see if you can re-ingage the loose contact.

If all else fails send it back to Sony for repair under warranty.


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  1. Gabriel says:

    I am afraid to imagine what it would do with SDXC cards!;)
    I think there are too many faults with Sony cameras in the last 2 years.Avoid them.

  2. Charles says:

    I’ve not yet applied the new firmware to mine, I’d be interested if other NX70 users feel this is a firmware or hardware issue before I apply the update.

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