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I decided not to review this camera as there are an abundance of good reviews on this camera on You Tube. Instead I decided to use the camera the same way I would use a video camera.

The first thing to get into your head is the 360º rather than the usual point and shoot. Secondly you are filming at 6K 25p and with all the image manipulation in post you need the 6K.

I took myself off to the Edinburgh Fringe a great place to demonstrate some of the Insta360s great features. It took 3 days, on day one I could not find the USB-C audio adapter so I took this opportunity to try out the internal microphones relying on the fact that FCPX had Audio Isolation.

Having 2 lenses I decided to see if you can produce an interview with both of us in shot. It worked a treat, taking out the need for 2 cameras. I also tried the 3 meter selfie stick walking up the Royal Mile to see if indeed it looked like a drone following me. It kinda of works but you need to keep a steady pace to make it look convincing.

My favourite effect is little planet and works a treat when you are on an open top bus.

The downside if there is any is the Insta 360 app, don’t get me wrong its very easy to use and understand but all your footage has to be processed through this app rather than importing your footage into FCPX. Tip…make sure you transfer your micro SD footage from the Insta 360 onto a separate drive or your exporting from the Insta APP will take twice as long.

I deliberately did not include any low light footage because I did not film any. I will test this in due course and give you my findings.

I must thank Peter Wiggins from Idustrial Revolution for supplying me a copy of his new 3D Transitions for this project. PS. Please make sure you LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE if don’t already, thank you.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

2 thoughts on “Insta 360 1″ A Cameramans Perspective

  1. Do you know how this will work in low light? Was thinking it would make a great B camera when filming gigs as could get crowd views and a wide shot of the stage. You could probably rig the camera to hang from the venue ceiling.

  2. Looks great but do you think it would be possible to run the export through something like Topaz Video Enhance to try and squeeze out a few more details?

    It looks lovely in normal 2d on Youtube but having tried a few 360 videos on my Occulus quest it seems other cameras I have used seem to be lacking a bit and perhaps some 2x processing with some ridiculous level of processing could dramatically improve results?

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