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Due to COVID -19 it has come to Panasonics attention that many EVA-1 camcorders have not been used causing the internal date/time built-in battery to fail. There is a fix, read on.

The built-in battery may exhaust when the camera is not turned on for approximately two months.

The built-in battery is exhausted when [BACKUP BATT EMPTY] is displayed on the LCD monitor when the power switch is set to < imageicon_power_swich_on > (ON).

Charge the built-in battery with the following procedure.

Set the power switch to < imageicon_standby > (standby).

Connect a fully charged battery or the AC adaptor to the camera.

For details on connection of a battery or the AC adaptor, refer to “Power supply”.

Leave the camera for approx. 24 hours.

The built-in battery will be charged.

The built-in battery is charged even when the power switch is set to < imageicon_power_swich_on > (ON).

  • Check the date/time setting and the time code after charging.
  • Select [DIAGNOSTICS] in the INFO screen, and set the date/time for the internal clock if [INTERNAL CLOCK HAS RESET] [<PLEASE SET TO CORRECT TIME>] is displayed in the warning display field.

Set the power switch to < imageicon_power_swich_on > (ON), and check that [BACKUP BATT EMPTY] is not displayed in the LCD monitor.

If [BACKUP BATT EMPTY] is still displayed after charging, the built-in battery needs to be replaced. Consult your dealer.


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