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Sony is now thinking out of the box with this idea, its a long time coming but using a phone as an external monitor is genius.

That means the Sony Xperia Pro can sub in for both portable modems and external monitors, which combined are often as costly or even costlier than the phone’s £1,830 price tag. It’s on sale now (January 26) in a single black color and unlocked at online US retailers and is compatible with most carriers. Its 5G use is currently restricted to US carrier Verizon, though that will likely change, and it’s compatible with mmWave and sub-6 5G.

The Xperia Pro transfers footage over HDMI at up to 4K 60fps 10bit HDR (QFHD), while its 5G capabilities allow it to livestream camera footage up to YouTube at 720p resolution. In data terms, the Pro can upload a maximum of 131Mbps average 115Mbps with mmWave 5G, or a maximum of 37Mbps / 30Mbps. The phone also has a Network Visualizer app that shows a bandwidth histogram over footage, while also allowing picture-in-picture to navigate around the operating system while displaying camera footage.

My thanks to Alister Chapman on Twitter.


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