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The rage from Japan seems to be dedicated Vlogging cameras. Only someone has decided Vlogging is for people who live in Toytown.

Once again, sadly, Panasonic have decided that we are not getting a headphone socket. After the GH4, GH5, S1 and finally on the FZ2000… all with headphone sockets this camera returns to the dark ages.

Not only does it not have a headphone socket but we are back to a mini HDMI socket and to top it off you get 10 minutes record time in 4K25p or 20 minutes in full HD.

Sound has not only taken a back seat with this camera but the lack of recording time is crippling.

We are in the middle of a Worldwide Pandemic and Panasonic decides to make a camera with features that will cut out 50% of their buying market.

I looked at this as I liked the size of it “nice and compact” but as soon as I heard the words “NO HEADPHONE SOCKET” I switched off.

Who are Panasonic talking to when they make such stupid design decisions. Yet they proudly show off the external mic socket…only one problem chaps…if the sound going into the camera is duff no amount of post production is going to fix this. I will leave you with a video review from Gordon Laing from Camera Labs.


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