Philip Bloom taking a first look at the new Sony FX9

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The Sony FX9 seems a much improved camera over the FS7 especially the colour profile and the autofocus.

HDW “Its Sony’s colour profile that has put me off all their cameras and is why I no longer own any Sony camcorders nor photographic cameras.”

Sony has cracked the autofocus on the FX9 making it very usable especially for older camera persons with blurry eyesight.

I love the skin tones on the FX9 a lot more natural and this will make a great 2nd camera for Sony’s Venice.

Sony “The fast hybrid AF system encompasses phase-detection AF and contrast AF for a fast and smooth AF response capable of precise subject tracking. The AF settings are customisable in addition to being highly accurate to help you personalise the camera to your individual needs and projects. This is perfect when trying to establish your very own signature filmmaking style that can distinguish you from a pool of already highly skilled professionals. The FX9’s wide AF coverage features a maximum of 561 points split between 94% points in the horizontal direction and 96% in the vertical direction.”

For further information on the Sony FX9 why not go over to Philip’s blog post at

SONY PXW-FX9 TEST SHOTS from Philip Bloom Reviews & Tutorials on Vimeo.

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