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I am looking into one of these radio mics to replace one of my RODE filmmaker kits. The video below that Sennheiser commissioned is brilliant, one of the best of its kind I have seen. If any of you have this kit please let me know your thoughts. I am now sticking to unlicensed radio mics as I prefer not to have to pay for a yearly radio mic licence.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

5 thoughts on “Sennheiser AVX-ME2 radio mic

  1. Why are you discontent with your Rode Film-maker kit? I have been very pleased with mine. Am I missing something?

    HDW : Not at all David, on the whole I am delighted with the filmmaker kit but I do find the size of the mic transmitter a bit on the big side a lot bigger than my previous Sony and Sennheiser versions.

  2. Hi. Yes, been using this for just under a year. Amazing bit of kit. Got it as rode not compatible with my Sony pxw x70. I use it for day long corporate events. One charge at lunch and its great. So simple to use. Can’t recommend enough. I went for the cheaper mk1 mic, as its actually more useful to pick up a bit of the room in my line of work. Having said that. The quality is such, it’s barely noticeable.

  3. I personally own two of these mics and the TV station I work for has another two and I’ve been very pleased. The size and ease of operation are fantastic. I’ve used them in a variety of locations with only one hiccup (about seven seconds of drop-out) in a location where we always had problems with our old mics.
    The range is not as good as the Rode mics but the smaller transmitter size is great for the talent wearing them. We sometimes need to use them in a big auditorium where the cameras are more than 100 feet from the stage so we just run an audio cable to a spot closer to the stage and feed the receiver through this cable…works great!
    Good luck!

  4. I have two sets of the AVX and are very pleased with them. They are reliable and the sound Is good. The battery life is long – especially on the transmitters. I use them for documentary and also I have a customer who makes big exhibitions where there a loads of wireless mics – here you can stop fearing tho disturb these signals. So I am pleased with the AVX – which is also much more compact than the Rode.

  5. Phillip, I have the AVX system, and can wholeheartedly recommend the system. I went for the higher quality MKE-2 microphone which works very well. My colleague in the USA uses a Sanken COS11 mic for his YouTube PTCs with very high quality results. I often leave the receivers plugged into the Panasonic XLR-1 unit with the controls all pre-set. It is then a simple matter to clip this onto the GH5 and be all set to go with 2 channels of wirelesss, in seconds, with no cables!

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