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I was hoping to get one of these for a “B” camera while using video but I could not contemplate this as it stands. What a backwards step by Panasonic making it video time restricted especially when using 4K 50p.

What earthly use is 10minutes to anyone.

I do realise this is promoted as a photographic camera but why have any video features if you are going to restrict it to a stupid figure of 10 minutes, bad call Panasonic.

I thought Panasonic were no longer time restricting their cameras beyond the GH5 because they had learned a lesson with the GH4.

Q. Is this a design flaw or can it be removed with a future FW update.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

9 thoughts on “Panasonic G9 “major backwards step for video users”

  1. To me it’s obvious that Panasonic wants to make a clear distinction between which camera is the still photo camera and which one is the video camera. ( otherwise these cameras are just too similar )

    HDW-This camera already has no power pin for the XLR unit making it a big leap away from the GH5.

  2. EURO TAX….the world (read the rest of us) pays for stupid euro laws and taxes….10 mins sheeesh.

  3. The G9 is clearly a photo camera.
    I’d wait for the GH6 for video when maybe they’ve figured out autofocus. I bet the GH6 will have the G9 viewfinder as well.

    As for the Euro tax 30 min recording limitation. This can be avoided by sourcing a PAL camera through Australia or Russia. A GH4 I bought in Australia (PAL country) records past 30 min. Same with a Sony camera I sourced out of Russia.
    That said, the G9 10min limitation sounds like a firmware fix for marketing reasons.

  4. Ill bet my very life that this is NOT any engineering issue related to heat. They could have made it 30min or even unlimited if they wanted. The real issue is that this 10min limitation is your classic “marketing divider” between the G9 and GH5. Remember, Panasonic does NOT want these two models to compete heavily with each other. This is normal. Why do you think Sony removed picture profiles completely in video mode on the A9? Doing a 10min limit was the easiest and fastest way to cripple the camera and keep GH5 buyers away from it and solidly in the GH5.

    I just wish companies would just be honest about it instead of making goofy reasons like: “Oh…yes, the G9’s heat disipation was designed for heat generated by photos…not heat created by video…its two very different typs of heat”


  5. I am sure the camera was generated for marketing reasons. Aren’t all products ? For the small difference in price to the GH5 I do not see why anyone interested in video would consider the G9. Regardless of the video restrictions. I expect Panasonic put them in because video is expected these days and they can differentiate from Sony with UHD 50/60P. Why not. Anyone really interested in video as the prime concern is not going to buy this camera.

  6. By the way….im willing to bet that the G9 and GH5 use a virtually identical motherboard inside each. We know for a fact that they both use the exact same Sony IMX272 Exmor image sensor.

  7. No way! Sony cant aford the GH5 video performance yet, has different AF and another settings. Sony wouldnt shoot itself by selling their own quality sensors to another powerful competitor who brake records in sellings.

  8. Sorry,…ChipWorks (TechInsights) has already torn the GH5 apart and identified that GH5 sensor as a Sony IMX272.

    This company is famous for reverse engineering electronic componants in devises and selling the results their work. They literally remove every chip, do X-ray scans of the entire schematic of the chip. They use electron microscopes to. They brutaly invade every aspect of a mainboard.

    And yeah,……its a Sony IMX272 sensor. Even more, the next version of the GH5 is a “low light” model and will probably use a Sony IMX294 which is optimized for low light applications. Lets just call this the “GH5-S” for now. Rumors are saying this camera is coming soon.

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