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Panasonic email to lots of customers “We’ve just released a firmware update for the GH5 which enhances the functions of the camera.”

Yet on Panasonic’s own web site we have the following statement…

To further compound the issue, I get a reply from Panasonic saying this to my question Q. “Still no sign of the new software on the Panasonic web site yet ?” Panasonic respond A.”It’ll be available in a few days to download from the software site.”

Sorry but as end users we have been waiting quite a while for this firmware and can’t quite understand why we have to wait a further month to use it.

Apart from the obvious updates to bit rates and 10bit 4:2:2 implementation, I am glad to see the ability to lock the “Display” button as this can be a pest when using the GH5 hand held. One of my readers put it in a nutshell “Now, thats what I call a serious update from a camera manufacturer. We have everything we need for less than 2000 Euros.”

Panasonic announcement “Panasonic has announced the forthcoming release of a major new firmware version for the Lumix DC-GH5 that adds a collection of new features to upgrade many of the camera’s operations. The improvements apply to modes for both still and video users, and centre around enhancing the quality of the camera’s output and handling.”

New features:


  • Tethered shooting via Lumix Tether software
  • Improved handling for 4K Photo and 6K Photo
  • New wireless features
  • Improved AF in low contrast scenes


  • 4K HDR video recording
  • Improved AF in video recording
  • All-Intra recording mode
  • 6K and 400mbps 4K anamorphic shooting
  • Improved in-body stabilisation

Tethered shooting via Lumix Tether software

Now still life, portrait and macro photographers will be able to check composition on the big screen and control camera functions remotely via a new tethered shooting mode. Using the new Lumix Tether software users can connect the GH5 to a PC via USB and record stills, video and 4K/6K Photo sequences.
The software allows control of all the main features of the camera, including exposure, focus, white balance, flash controls and file formats – to name just a few. With the camera connected to the computer we can preview our images, make adjustments and inspect the results from a distance. The images can be saved to the camera’s memory card or downloaded directly to the computer as they are recorded.

Improvements to the focusing system

The GH5’s AF system is improved in performance and handling for both still and video shooters. An important change comes in the camera’s ability to work in low contrast areas, as this helps in both still and video work. Autofocus tracking is also improved in video modes, and when using the AF Tracking feature we can now place the tracking box on the screen before the subject has arrived. Also now the AF point can be moved during Burst mode if the subject is traveling across the frame.
If you want to keep an eye on what is being focused on there is now an option to keep the AF display on when multi-area modes (auto or custom) are in use.

4K/6K Photo

Better processing has reduced the time we have to wait between one 4K/6K Photo burst and the next, and now the AF point can be shifted while a 4K/6K Photo sequence is being recorded. 6K Photo can also now be used in loop recording mode.

Higher quality video

The new firmware adds 400Mbps data rates and 4:2:2 10-bit colour as well as ALL-Intra compression to the camera’s 4K and Cinema 4K video formats. This improves the range of tones and colours that can be recorded, while the compression works on each individual frame rather than on groups of several frames at a time. All-Intra compression also reduces the file size of your video so we can fit more into the same space on the memory card. Those who shoot in Full HD will benefit from an additional 200Mbps mode, also with the enhanced colour and compression characteristics.

HDR recording

The Lumix DC-GH5 is, according to Panasonic, the first digital camera that’s capable of shooting ‘HLG’ 4K HDR video. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and means that the camera can produce a wider range of brightnesses in its video to create footage with detailed highlights as well as shadow areas. This mode is designed to work with the new wave of 4K HDR televisions and computer monitors, and will allow users to continue to create technologically advanced content well into the future.

High resolution anamorphic modes

Firmware Version 2.0 enhances the DC-GH5’s ability to record anamorphic content with new 6K resolution settings, as well as giving 4K anamorphic formats the extra bit rates and colour depth introduced to normal video shooting modes.
Anamorphic shooting is assisted by a new de-squeeze display mode that compensates for the squeezing effect of the lens to show what the letterbox-shaped footage will look like after stretching in post-processing. Guide line options allow users to preview the area that will be used as well, with guides selectable for 1:1, 16:9, 2.35:1 and 2.39:1 formats. A new in-body stabilisation mode is available that’s designed for use with anamorphic lenses and adapters, and users have a choice of 1.33x and 2x settings to match the characteristics of the lens in use.
Using almost the full sensor the anamorphic mode allows lenses to squeeze wide views into a 4992×3744-pixel frame (full sized stills are 5148×3888 pixels) which can then be stretched to the 2.39:1 format and 8948×3744 pixel dimensions. Stills from the de-squeezed footage contain 33.5 million pixels.

Wireless functions

Bluetooth plays a much bigger role in the wireless communications between the DC-GH5 and your smartphone with Version 2.0 firmware. Previously Bluetooth could be used to connect the camera and phone, while WiFi took over for the hard work. With the new firmware the camera can be controlled via Bluetooth, so users can access the shutter release remotely. Bluetooth also allows for a shutter lock to be activated for Bulb exposures or burst sequences, and video recording can be started/stopped in the same way.

Enhancement of Body I.S. (Image Stabilizer)

* [I.S. Lock(video)] is added. This powerfully compensates for handshake when the viewing angle is fixed.
* A new handshake correction mode is added, which provides optimum correction when using 2.0x and 1.33x anamorphic lens.

Correction of white balance setting

* When the K (Kelvin) value was changed after adjusting the color temperature with 2-axis white balance compensation, the setting was reset. This bug has been fixed.

Improved usability of Time Lapse Shot

* The time to finish shooting and the number of recordable pictures are displayed on the stand-by screen.

Improved usability of Power Save LVF

* Power Save LVF can now be used in all stand-by display options.

Other Settings and Bug Fixes

  • A rating function using an Fn button is available in Playback Zoom and Multi Playback.
  • The following functions can be assigned to Fn buttons – [Constant Preview] [6K/4K PHOTO Bulk Saving]
    [Min. Shtr Speed] [RAW Processing] [Rec/Playback Switch] [Destination Slot] and [Mic Level Adj.].
  • The DISP.Button can be locked.
  • In Relay Rec, there were cases where the video file number was not able to be reset. This bug has been fixed.
  • In Relay Rec, there were cases where the video file number was reset after formatting the SD Memory Card. This bug has been fixed.
  • In Backup Rec, there were cases where the file number was not reset even after applying resetting.
    This bug has been fixed.
  • The image quality when applying the following settings is improved:
    Extended low ISO, [i.Dynamic] (Intelligent D-range Control) and Highlight Shadow.

Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

4 thoughts on “GH5 FW v2 has been announced..No sign of the new software on Panasonic’s web site yet ?

  1. Yay! Finally the DISP button can be locked, because it’s so easy to accidentally hit it while holding the camera.

  2. Now, thats what I call a serious update from a camera manufacturer.
    We have everything we need for less than 2000 €.

    HDW : Agreed

  3. It looks like just a few guys received the 2.0 FW as beta testers and if it is ok will be released to the crowd.

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