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I went to Blind Spot’s HQ in the West end of Glasgow during the year to see the new “Tile Light” they were developing. The one thing that does not come across is how bright this wee LED light is.

Billy showed me the new Tile Light…A single surface emitter technology is powered by embedded high-density blue emitting LEDs that excite a layer of phosphor diffusion.

Open the window on to the world with the Tile Light. A portable, battery powered light for cinematography. With a large beam angle of 120 degrees the Tile creates a large even pool of light that makes everything look it’s best. Combine beauty, flexibility, portability and strength.

The lads, James Campbell, chief cartographer, Billy Campbell chief explorer and Alan Easdale chief inventor.

Everything you get in the box.

– 1 x Tile Lamp
Included accessories
– 1 x Remote Dimmer
– 1 x Dimmer Extension Cable
– 1 x International AC
– 1 x Battery Adapter
– 1 x Battery (NP-f550)
– 1 x CTO Gel
– 1 x USB Battery Charger
– 1 x Ball Mount
– 1 x Hot Shoe Adapter
– 1 x Lamp Bag

Billy “It’s been one heck of a journey for us here at Blind Spot Gear, true to our word it was only short wait from when we last saw each other. Our brand new groundbreaking TLCI-92 trans-technological fusion ‘Tile Light’ is finished. We took delivery of the first batch last week.”

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