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After Panasonic announced the EVA-1 camcorder Sony made two announcements to burry the Panasonic news.

Firstly they announced they are working on a full frame sensor ? Fine if you could afford this level of technology, but it will not be anywhere near the $10,000 price mark for this full frame camera.

Then only yesterday announce a $1000 rebate if you buy your FS5 in the USA, thanks Sony Europe ?

Both Canon with the C200 and Panasonic with the EVA-1 have rattled Sony’s cage, but so far only in the USA ? Why ?

This news is good for those of us looking to buy the Panasonic EVA-1 because Panasonic will have to look very hard at the price they charge for the EVA-1 to match the FS5 or indeed beat the FS5 which is $4,749 with the $1000 rebate.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

2 thoughts on “Sony getting rattled in the USA ?

  1. Sorry – but you have your figures wrong.

    When you quote a US price of $5,749 for the FS5 that is *NOT* after the rebate – it’s before!!! The FS5 price with rebate is $4,749 (!!) – see the B&H page –

    “Price after rebate: $4,749.00
    Offer ends Jul 31 ’17”

    So, still thinking of getting an EVA1? 🙂 Really? With an FS5 at well under $5,000, and Panasonic announcing about $8,000 for the EVA1 at launch, I suspect it is Panasonic who are the ones getting rattled!

    I don’t deny the EVA1 may be a nice camera, may have some advantages over the FS5 – but equally the FS5 wins in other ways, the built-in eyepiece viewfinder and the variable ND just two that spring to mind. Overall, I’d rate them about comparable and with the $8,000/$4,749 price differential the FS5 looks vastly better value for money.

    HDW : I have already owned an FS5 and sold it on so I won’t be getting an FS5 anytime this year.

  2. The interesting thing about the rebate is whether it signals an upgrade to the FS5 is not far away?

    Two obvious factors which could be improved upon are max frame rate in 4K, and max bitrate. (I believe the latter is currently limited to 100Mbs?) That may have largely been down to SD card usage being both a blessing (cheap and widely used) and a curse (not as fast as say, XQD etc).

    Last I heard, even the highest rated SD cards will max out at around 240Mbs for SUSTAINED recording – and which immediately begs the question of how the EVA1 will record a promised 400Mbs to SD? Are they aware of a new and promised category of SD card? (400Mbs seems a strange number – small for I-frame only 4K/60, high for long-GOP, but never mind)

    And if such cards are in the offering, it would also open the way to an FS5Mk2 with 4K/60, and higher than 100mbs bitrate? The FS5 has been out the best part of two years now, so an update before the end of the year wouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

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