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Hubert was chosen by acclaimed cinematographer Philip Bloom for his 60-second documentary about Michal and his dog Mia, who joins him on scenic motorbike ride through Poland. He has been awarded a brand new PXW- FS7M2K, the ultimate documentary filmmaking camera. The competition, announced back in January, was designed to bring creative documentary storytelling to the forefront of filmmaking.

Entrants to the competition were asked to upload a one-minute documentary clip to YouTube that showcased their storytelling skills. The eligible videos that received the most YouTube likes between the 1st and 12th of March were shortlisted, before a winner was picked by renowned filmmaker Philip Bloom.

Philip Bloom

Entries were judged based on the individual’s ability to convey a memorable story in just 60 seconds. The documentary topics were wonderfully varied, from an underwater close up of a man that dives with whales, to an explosive bread baking demonstration, to an interview with a yo-yoing expert.

Hubert Napierała, a student from Poland, told a story of happiness and friendship in his one-minute documentary, as he followed Michal and dog Mia on one of their much loved motor bike adventures through woodland roads and Polish towns. The film used memorable colour and contrast that added to the warm and comforting story of the two friends. The runner up was announced as Juan Carlos Fita Planells, for his documentary ‘Red Gold’ which cinematically portrayed the story of Saffron farming.

Mia the biker dog is a beautifully made one-minute documentary with terrific visuals, clever editing, and incredibly likeable characters who drew me in. A truly worthy winner,” said Philip Bloom, freelance cinematographer and competition judge. “While there were a lot of great entries to choose from, I selected Red Gold as the runner up as it told an informative and interesting story within a limited time frame, which made me want to find out more.”

“Creating a 60-second documentary clip with no budget, was challenging but I loved the experience. My family and lots of local people helped with the shoot, and I couldn’t have told such a strong story without them,” said Hubert Napierała, competition winner. “My greatest thanks go to Phillip Bloom, to Sony, and to all the participants. The bar was incredibly high, and this has been a humbling experience to be a part of. I’m honoured to have been chosen as the winner.”


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