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If you are a Vimeo Pro or business user you should be aware of the new Vimeo Review.

Need a client to give you scene-specific feedback? Want to let your freelance filmmaker know about some weird coloring on a particular scene? Go for it! It’s simple to share videos securely with reviewers, who can click directly on the video to add time-coded notes. And you can say sayonara to costly third-party services and endless email chains: we’ve got your video-making process covered from start to finish, saving you both time and money.

By pressing the REVIEW PAGE button you are taken to the review page where your clients can add their comments on the video itself.

As you can see above all your comments are added at the right hand side of your screen. As you click on the comment you are taken to the very frame it was added to.  All you need to do is send your client a copy of the page’s URL (top of page) for them to be able to join in and they don’t have to be a member of Vimeo to take part.

Introducing all-new video review pages from Vimeo on Vimeo.


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