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Cinemartin Loyal are a series of profesional HDMI monitors with unrivaled features at a fantastic competitive price of just €99

Available now is the new 7″ Loyal LT series of Cinemartin monitors co-developed to bring filmmakers, shooters, drone operators a professional video monitor, with HDMI video input featuring audio monitoring, histogram and a lot of video assist tools for you to get your perfect picture.

You can see from my photograph of the screen with the colour checker how accurate the screen actually is. I am very impressed with the screen accuracy so much so I did not need my £2,500 Sony 740 monitor on this shoot. For outdoor shoots the 7″ Loyal LT comes with a handy screen hood.

Cameras like the Lumix GH4 need monitoring in my opinion and the Loyal LT 7″ is just the job. It has a 12v input which I am using today as I prefer not to use battery unless I am outside and a Sony “L” plate on the back of the monitor.

The 7″ Loyal monitor feature a native 1920 x 1080 resolution, up to 16.7 million colours and 600 NIT’s (cd/m2) of luminance with a host of video assist features, unlike the 5.7″ this version does not come with SDI in and out which is not necessary if all you are using is a DSLR or in my case a DSLM, a stunning monitor at a stunning price. Please note the hood, battery slot and arm are €50 extra.

Why not have a look at Cinemartin’s web site …

Loyal LT 7 Monitor from Philip Johnston on Vimeo.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

7 thoughts on “Cinemartin Loyal LT 7″ monitor “A stunning monitor at a stunning price of €99”

  1. It’s worth mentioning that the hood, battery slot and arm are €50 extra. Still not a deal breaker of course.

    Is there a UK reseller?

  2. Also looking to know if there is a UK Reseller!

    HDW : Spain for the moment

  3. Looks like a good deal at first, but then you see you have to add VAT, card charge and delivery… not to mention the fairly suspect buying page and the fact that they say they won’t begin shipping for another month. Would be interested to see how they work once there are a few more out there in the real world.

  4. I’ve already suggested to them that they fulfil through Amazon. Amazon will store and distribute their kit, deal with all the logistics and only charge a very small amount.

  5. No longer at $99, it seems.

    The site now shows $160 and “shipping” is $100 extra.

    If you order and return, you are out 25% of $160 plus your $100 plus your return shipping costs.

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