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Having shelled out a good few bob for a DJI Osmo Pro X5 camera, lens and handle plus batteries I was less than impressed with the fan noise during filming. Especially when they have fixed this on the X3 camera.

Osmo pro

The noise during filming makes the camera unless in an open mic situation on a film set. I do hope DJI are onto this and can come up with a solution ASAP.

I do like the ability to focus a lot closer with the X5 and the shallow depth of field compared to the X3 (closest focus = 1.5m)  but was hoping for more control over the cameras ISO, rather than the usual 100-200-400 etc. some steps in-between would be nice.

Another urgent issue that needs addressing is the ability to switch off the front red LED tally light, this is not an issue with the X3 as it has no tally light.

Where the OSMO Pro strikes in my opinion is in low light, that micro 4/3rd sensor gives you a fantastic advantage over the X3 in low light quality.


NOTE : I asked DJI if they could reduce or stop the fan during record mode ?  REPLY…”We’re very sorry. The reason is that X5 generates more heat than X3,  so the fan cannot be stopped or it will overheat.”

I will experiment with a radio mic today.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

5 thoughts on “Osmo Pro X5 camera… “Ongoing First Thoughts”

  1. After all, its a DJI product. For professional use I just stick to Freely.

    HDW ” I had a Ronin M for a short while, hated the setting up and how strenuous it was on your arms. The OSMO Pro does it all with a lot less strain.

  2. If it’s that bad then simply return it as unfit for purpose as per the Consumer Rights Act 2015. DJI is notorious for releasing products before they are ready and it sounds like X5 buyers are going to go through all the grief X3 buyers did.

  3. Hi,

    Saw you the other day in Asda. Before I could come and say hello you disappeared.

    I was contemplating in getting the X5, but after extensive research I have decided to hold of. The dynamic range isn’t as suggested, there are issues with focusing, plus this fan noise. I think maybe an updated version round the corner. Plus a little overpriced.

    You should have instead went for one of the CameTV handheld gimbals. I presume you have the Sony a6300, this will work a treat with its super fast auto focusing. Unless you don’t fancy the Alexmos gimbals.

    HDW : I did contemplate the came gimbal for the A6300 but prefer the form factor of the OSMO…sorry I missed you.

  4. All the DJI stuff seems to be very nice, also like my Phantom 3 Pro in most regards.
    Unluckily the codec is not that quality I would expect from a professional product. The 60Mbps Ambarella compression sometimes leaves some wishes open, but maybe that’s not that big problem with the Osmo since I don’t expect as much motion with details as with a multicopter sometimes.

  5. Hi,

    A few questions-

    1) What’s the weight of the set up with lens & battery?
    2) Does it have a 29m 59sec record limit?
    3) How are you coping with critical focus and delay between phone & Osmo? Is it easy get focus?

    I’m in two minds to either go for this one or a hand held one. This info will be really helpful.


    HDW : Weight with iPhone 6 & battery is 1260g…There is a 30m time limit as far as I am aware…Not too bad but turn down your phone volume to avoid a high pitch shrilling noise that happens when you find focus

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