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2K off

Canon have announced a massive £2000 +VAT price drop on the incredible C300 mark II Cinema EOS camera. Canon C300 mark II – Now £7995 +VAT

The C300 II delivers stunning pictures and colour reproduction, wide dynamic range, high data rate 4K recording and external RAW output.

C300 Mk11
A native EF lens mount accepting EF and EFS lenses combined with exceptional dual pixel auto focus sees this amazing tool excel above the competition.

Check this camera out in our north London showroom, call for details – 020 8275 1070




Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

5 thoughts on “Canon announce a £2000 reduction on the C300 Mk11… (Now £7995 plus vat)

  1. Re: Canon C300 Mark II:

    I’m a bit disillusioned by what looked like a review and announcement of the above C300 Mark II camera. At the end it says” Check it out in our showroom”. What it really is is an advertisement. Where’s your take on the camera? I don’t care what a reseller has to say. It’s always biased whereas you are fair in your commentary..
    Continued good wishes with your recovery.

    HDW : You are getting £2K off this camera and still moaning because it’s not a review…maybe Canon should be the ones who should get your comment for not inviting me to review the C300 Mk11.

  2. Yes, I agree with D. Collard. Too many ads from folks we have trusted.

    BTW, I am surprised the price reduction did not come sooner considering the FS7.

    HDW : Its the advertising that keeps HDW up and running.

  3. Why is this camera not selling?
    1/ not using industry standard codecs
    2/ not having 50/60P in 4K
    3/ sony fs7 is cheaper, does have industry standard codecs and records 50/60p in 4K.

    Canon please wake up, you did not learn anything fromc500 fiasco. Ask broadcasters what they need as ARRI do…

  4. HDW : Its the advertising that keeps HDW up and running.

    I am talking about ads that are not identified as such. No problem with the others.

  5. In my market the C300 mark II has sold very poorly. Even at the new price break, so many people always refer back to the FS7. One rental house I spoke to said they would not invest in them at this point because they would still have to purchase 2-3 units as standard policy.

    It’s hard to say whether this price break will be enough to pivot the camera to more and more favourable usage. The word on the street is an announcement at IBC 2016 for a Canon C700. Price point will not be cheap. Someone suggested upwards of ~15,000 pounds? That might be enough to interest buyers towards the cheaper C300 Mark II.

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